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(children) Kids react to toys!
This episode: Teddy Ruxpin!
(Finebros) This episode, you are not reacting to a video.
(Finebros) You are reacting to this guy.
A plush bear!
Ooh, yay, a doll.
It's like a baby teddy bear thing.
This is for little kids.
Is this from Five Nights at Freddy's?
Okay, what?
He's too heavy!
He's doing, like, the derp face.
Teddy Ruxpin! I have one of those.
And Grubby.
Teddy Ruxpin!
Oh, I remember the books and the TV show!
(children) Question time!
(Finebros) Have you ever seen him before?
It's creepy.
I've never seen this particular bear before.
(Finebros) How do you know Teddy Ruxpin?
Okay, so I've had the Teddy Ruxpin doll for a very long time.
I think that my dad had it before me.
I have this DVD of Teddy Ruxpin.
I used to pretend he was real and I had a fake crush on him.
(Finebros) Well, they call him Teddy Ruxpin.
Teddy Ruxpin.
Hey, Teddy Ruxpin.
(Finebros) What do you think of his name?
Um, no, that's just like an old man's name.
I think it's cool.
I like the Ruxpin. It has flair to it.
(Finebros) What kinds of things can Teddy Ruxpin do?
I don't really know what the toy does.
You can hug it.
And it's hard!
It's just a stuffed animal.
Oh no, he can open his mouth.
He can...talk?
(Finebros) Well, there's actually something special about Teddy.
Yeah, I saw. There's batteries!
- (Finebros) Yes! - And batteries mean...
it talks!
(Finebros) It actually can come to life and tell you a story.
No, it can't!
Okay, now this is a cool bear.
- (Finebros) Wanna see? - Yeah.
(Finebros) Okay.
I'm kind of scared!
(Finebros laughs) What's happening? Why are you screaming?
Because I don't want it to pop up in my hand
while I'm still touching it.
(Finebros) First, here is the story book that you follow along with.
Oh, god.
There's Teddy right there.
(Finebros) Get him turned on.
(gasps) Oh my gosh, it blinks!
♪ (music) ♪
♪ Come dream with me tonight ♪
(sing-song) This is so creepy!
- Hi, my name is Teddy Ruxpin. - I know.
Can you and I be friends?
I really enjoy talking to people.
- Can you and I be friends? - Sure!
Listen to this sound.
What was that?
Was that a bird?
That sound reminds you to open the book to page one.
There's a picture of Grubby. He's been a good friend of mine
for a long time.
(Grubby) Oh, hi there. How are you?
Remember, turn the page!
♪ (music) ♪
Hey, Grubby, do you remember this song?
(Grubby) Yes, I sure do.
(Teddy sings) ♪ Your friend ♪
♪ Your friend ♪
- ♪ Is what I'd like to be ♪ - Catchy song.
♪ I like you, do you like me? ♪
I do!
- This is just weird. - (Grubby) ♪ Your friend ♪
♪ Your friend ♪
♪ Is what I'd like to be ♪
♪ (music) ♪
♪ Friends are people that you like ♪
This is all on one page? Oh, gee!
Just get on with the book already.
♪ My friend, my friend ♪
♪ I'd like for you to be ♪
- ♪ I'd like to be your friend ♪-- - I'm going to burst out in tears.
He's singing too much, and for too long.
♪ Friends are there to lend a hand ♪
♪ When there are things that you must do ♪
- ♪ My friend ♪-- - Oh no!
- ♪ My friend ♪-- - Another chorus.
- Can I have you? - ♪...My friend ♪
(sings along) My friend, my friend.
(Grubby) ♪ ...I'd like for you to be ♪
- (Teddy) ♪ I'm nice to you ♪-- - Is it done?
Is it done?! This is three minutes wasted!
Can I turn the page? Make the noise!
♪ My friend ♪
♪ (music ends) ♪
Good job, little Teddy.
- (Teddy) Grubby and I-- - Are we gonna keep going?
- (Finebros) No. - Okay.
- Can I hold him? - (Finebros) Yeah.
If you have no friends, this would be perfect.
(Finebros) So what do you think of Teddy Ruxpin?
Uh, kind of annoying.
I don't like this!
Uh, I don't really like it.
I mean, there's better stuff now.
He's my friend!
He's so cute as a toy.
He's amazing.
This really brought me down to when I was five.
Now I feel old again.
I'm sure it was around a long time ago,
when technology was still developing and stuff.
So I guess he was impressive back then.
(Finebros) So if you got Teddy Ruxpin as a present, would you
- be excited? - What do you think?
I'm too old for it.
- I already have one, so no. - (Finebros laughs)
I would keep him in the box and give it someone else.
He's snuggly, and so cute.
I would love this! I would die for this,
and I would just be holding this for hours, just like this.
(Finebros) Well, this toy was one of the most popular toys
- for kids, but back in 1985. - Oh.
Tell me everything in 1985. Go.
They made it so life-like, kind of, that it's so amazing
that it actually came out back then.
(Finebros) Why do you think this used to be a very popular toy?
Well, probably because they didn't have technology like this.
'Cause he's so cute! And he can talk,
and he can sing, and he can be dancing, and he can be your friend.
People back in the day, they probably thought this was fun.
Let's give our kids a toy that talks!
And will read stories for them so we don't.
(Finebros) They still made versions of Teddy Ruxpin all the way
to the year 2010, but he lost popularity over the years.
Why do you think he wasn't as popular?
(sighs) Because people started disliking the books and starting
disliking him and thinking that he was really old-school.
I have better things. Why would I need this?
There's way better technology than what this is.
Even on the iPad, there's apps where you can get something like this.
Technology is booming and great, and so, by then,
we had computers, and touch screen phones, and all that.
Nobody really cared about Teddy anymore.
I hope he didn't hear that.
(Finebros) So, finally, we wanna thank you for something.
For what?
For sitting through his...ratchet song?
(Finebros) Because when we were kids, we really wanted a Teddy Ruxpin toy,
but our parents never got him for us.
And so, because of Kids React and us doing this episode,
it gave us a reason to buy Teddy Ruxpin. And so even though
we're grown-ups, we are so excited that we actually have
Teddy Ruxpin for the first time.
You're welcome!
I'm happy for you. Yay!
You guys are so weird.
Don't you have bigger dreams than this?
That's kind of sad, no offense.
You're grown men.
Thanks for watching Kids React!
Let us know what toy we should react to next.
If you liked this episode, give it a big paw up!
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1552 Folder Collection
Ashley Chen published on January 23, 2015
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