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Every year, billions of containers are shipped from port to port in containers.
There are millions of container movements annually worldwide...
40% of which are packed from top to bottom with one and the same product.
Unloading these floor-loaded containers costs time and money.
Because the containers are loaded without pallets, they can only be unloaded manually.
This involves a lot of labour to unload the boxes or bags from the container...
and make them ready for transhipment or storage.
This system works...but...
If you regularly deal with unloading containers...
then you area aware of the bottlenecks this process.
Your employees have to do a heavy and ergonomically irresponsible job...
by manually unloading the goods from the container and processing it.
You expose your employees to physical riscs...
and your company to potential sickness and reintegration costs.
Damage...or the disappearance of goods is a real threat.
Mistakes can be made in processing the load.
What's more, unloading containers costs a lot of time and money.
Is there no other way?
There is!
This is why we created: TEUN.
TEUN is the name of a new concept...
which will revolutionize emptying freight containers.
It is a tailor-made on site service, which unloads containers fully automatically.
We take care of everything...
from transport to the storage or delivery of your goods.
This means your company is our starting point.
We do everything in terms of unloading and parcel handling.
And we ensure seamless integration with your network, no matter the WMS application you are currently using.
A container is unloaded with the help of the PIQR-1.
The PIQR-1 is an unmanned machine, which unloads a single SKU fully automatically.
The same machine stacks the boxes or bags on pallets...
and, if required, wraps them in a plastic film.
Thereby stabelizing the load on the pallet.
On request, the machine can attach a barcode label to the pallet and/or the load...
for quick storage placement in the correct space in the warehouse.
But we go even further.
Because if required TEUN offers a service covering the entire unloading process...
from customs control up to and including registering and processing the goods in your Warehouse Management System.
And TEUN even provides a service whereby goods can be delivered directly from the container to your customer...
if the final destination is already known.
This means fewer transport miles...
so that together we make an important contribution to reducing CO2 emissions.
The TEUN PIQR is unmanned and drives itself from dock to dock.
It fits into a container and removes the goods.
It palletizes them independently and wraps them, if desired, in film.
What's more, the PIQR is seamlessly integrated in the WMS.
And communicates effortlessly via a barcode of RFID tags.
An ingenious vision system...
guarantees that the PIQR sees the goods and faultlessly removes them from the container...
even if they are unbalanced or fallen over.
And with a view to insurance issues, the entire process is monitored.
Via this system, customs can also supervise the procedure in real time and carry out checks. That saves time and money!
The complete concept is available as a tailor-made service.
Therefore you only pay per container and get the benefits immediately.
You save 30% of total parcel handling costs.
This saving is achieved through less damage, reduced labour cost...
and a safer working environment.
As you can see, with TEUN you only get advantages.
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The best way to unload a container...

1629 Folder Collection
黃自賢 published on January 22, 2015
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