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I'm tired.
I'm tired.
I'm tired.
I'm tired of hearing people say that there is only five or six different types of bodies.
None of those look like me.
-Girls with muscles. -I want a girl with a big butt. -(Incomprehensible).
[Things Women Are Tired of Hearing about Their Bodies]
I am tired.
I'm tired of hearing people say that as a woman you can't be muscular and beautiful.
I'm tired of hearing that real women need to have curves.
Retail workers telling me: "Oh, try this on, it will hide your..."
Hide my what?
What do I need to hide?
I'm tired of hearing that women shouldn't have hair anywhere.
People automatically assume that I am some kind of "feminazi" because I don't shave my arms.
But, it's just the way my body is.
I am tired of having other people label (me).
Think they deserve to have an opinion about my body.
My body is my concern.
My body is not perfect and that's okay.
Not here for you to break.
A political agenda.
Not all that I am.
My body is healthy.
My body is different everyday.
My body is strong.
My body ...
My body ...
My body ...
is not up for discussion.
My body is mine.
My body is mine.
My body is mine.
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Things Women Are Tired Of Hearing About Their Bodies

131591 Folder Collection
Blair published on January 17, 2015    Blair translated    Halu Hsieh reviewed
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