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This is Mike Mozart of TheToyChannel and JeepersMedia on YouTube
With the Amazing 2004 Play Doh Shrek 2 Rotten Root Canal
A lot of Parents Messaged me over the years
Thinking these Play Doh sets were inappropriate for pre-schoolers
Those are some pretty Nastly Looking Cavities you got there
Win or Fail, You Decide!
Shrek needs some Dental Attention
And who is he coming to? Your Child. And it's loads of fun.
And you begin by putting Play Doh in the back of the head here.
So when you open his head, he extrudes a tongue.
It's time to fill Shrek's mouth with teeth.
You fill up the two halves, and mix up the Play Doh colors
You Shut it
Now, open it up and you are going to see that there is a tooth ready to put in Shrek's mouth.
Put them in one at a time because they need some severe Dental work.
And keep Making Teeth until Shrek's mouth is full.
Shrek is all ready to go. We are lacking a dentist.
Ohhh, Please let it be me . . .Oh oh . . I wanna be the Dentist, Let me be the Dentist.
Oh My, Shrek, those are some pretty nasty looking cavities you got there.
That's from eating all them Parfaits
Ohhhhh, I don't want the Donkey to be my Dentist.
Oh, Come on Shrek it will be fun, I could drill those teeth.
And he comes with a drill with "No Batteries Required".
I'll be your Dentist, Go ahead, I'm going to drill
Donkey, You are pushing too hard with the drill.
Noooooo, I want a human.
Shrek, your teeth are like that because you eat too many waffles.
But my teeth are fine, I have perfect teeth.
Now we'll fill it with some of this silver Play Doh
Go on, fill that cavity.
Uhhh . . . Awww . . . My teeth are fine, Don't keep filling my teeth.
But also come with extractors to extract the teeth.
Uhhhhh . . Nooo . . . Nooo Leave my teeth alone
Awww Awww Awww . . "Tooth Pops" Ohhh Owwww Ohhhh
That's just nasty Shrek
You really need to brush your teeth better
And now you extrude tooth paste out of the bug
Just Like in the Movie
Ewwww Now there's toothpaste on his tooth brush
Ohhh . . That's my favorite flavor. . . . none of that wussy mint stuff
This is a GREAT Toy!
A LOT of Parents thought it was kind of extreme
Do You think it is win or FAIL?
I mean really!
And don't forget to comment any of your favorite old Play Doh Sets you want me to review.
Because I probably have them.
Plz Rate Favorite Subscribe and Share!
Awwwww . . . Coco Puff
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Play-Doh Shrek Rotten Root Canal Fail or Win Funny Play Dough Toy Review by Mike Mozart

2072 Folder Collection
Fu Jung Lai published on December 19, 2012
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