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Are you mad at me?
Am I annoying?
Where did you get that?
What do you mean she's not a feminist?
Are we going out tonight?
Can you hold my purse?
Do you think he likes me?
How long should I wait to text back?
Hey, do you have any gum?
Is this diet?
Are you kidding me?
Am I being slutty?
He sent me a poop emoji. What does that mean?
Do you wanna get froyo?
Did I do something?
Are Birkenstocks back in?
Should I do crossfit?
Do you like my Instagram?
Am I crazy for thinking that?
Do you wanna take a selfie?
Would you rather be a Jolie-Pitt or a Knowles-Carter?
What Kardashian would I be?
What's the deal with man's butts?
What do you mean you've never seen Love Actually?
When does cheese go bad?
Is this slutty enough?
Can you get my phone?
Do I have something in my teeth?
Should I tweet this?
Did my voice sound weird?
Do you think I could pull this off?
Are avocados the good kind of fat or the bad kind of fat?
Can we just stay in tonight?
Should I ombre my hair?
Will you go to the bathroom with me?
Do you wanna listen to Taylor Swift?
Bangs or no bangs?
I feel like I'm the Zooey Deschanel of our friend group right?
$%@@^ ^#@%
Who's that girl?
It's Ash.
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Questions All Girls Ask Each Other

28182 Folder Collection
Go Tutor published on January 17, 2015
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