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In this forest, near Sydney, in southeastern Australia
lives one of the most remarkable spiders on the planet
it's called Peacock Spider.
It's not a big, furry tarantula.
It's a tiny little jumping spider.
Here is one on my hand.
This is the male.
He's only 4mm long
but extremely beautifully coloured.
And during the mating season, between September and November,
he performs an extraordinary courtship dance to impress the female.
Here it comes.
Here is a male.
He's looking around.
He's trying to find a female.
He advertises his presence.
This female is watching carefully.
And this one as well.
Another female arrives on the scene.
The males are getting excited.
And the females too.
At this stage, the male often vibrates his abdomen.
Carefully and courageously he makes his move.
To get the female's attention he often waves his legs.
But wait, there's more.
The male expands a pair of colorful flaps and raises two legs.
Then he dances in front of the female, quickly shaking his legs.
Sometimes he stops, just vibrating his abdomen.
Bad luck, this female is not interested in mating. Perhaps, she's already mated.
The males pack up.
And they better get away quickly.
Watch your back, mate! Too late.
Will this male fare any better?
He's trying hard.
The male is following the female underneath a branch.
Now both get what they want.
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"Peacock spider"

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稲葉白兎 published on January 17, 2015
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