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- [Tyler] Why hello everyone!
My name is Tyler Oakley and this video is just,
like, a little update video.
Like you guys know, I have been doing these
videos on Youtube for over seven years now,
and part of that is because I wanna be able
to look back on my time and see what
I was up to any week of my life,
and that's kinda one of my favorite things,
where it's, like, this is, like, an actual diary.
So, this video is gonna be like a little diary entry
because this week I got to check something
off of my bucket list and that was to meet one
of my absolute favorite humans
and all time favorite celebrities, Julie Chen.
So, for those of you who have not yet seen the light
Julie Chen is basically my favorite celebrity of all time.
I have always said that she is, like,
the celebrity I would want to meet,
and do a collaboration with,
and just, she is the best.
She is one of the best interviewers I have ever seen.
She is one of the best hosts I have ever seen.
She hosts my favorite reality show of all time Big Brother,
and I got to meet her this week,
and that is because I was a guest on The Talk itself.
I got to come onto the show as a guest
and present a topic to be discussed by all
of the fabulous women that are on the panel.
It was kind of amazing.
This is what happened.
Hi, thank you so much for having me.
- [Julie] All right, what's everybody talking about?
- [Tyler] Y'all look incredible.
(group laughs)
Well - [Aisha] It's a very
good look. - [Tyler] Well, this year has
undeniably been the year of the booty, and--
(crowd cheers)
everybody's currently talking about J-Lo and Kim Kardashian,
and in a recent interview Sean Diddy Combs
even said about his ex that
"Her butt is like a work of art,"
(crowd cheers) and--
- [Julie] For the record, he only dated which one?
He only dated J-Lo?
- [Sharon] J-Lo. - [Tyler] He, he dated J-Lo.
- [Julie] Okay. - [Tyler] Yeah.
- [Julie] Okay. - [Tyler] And he said
that "Kim Kardashian's butt didn't even compare."
- [Julie] Interesting. - [Sheryl] What?
- [Tyler] But I think the bigger question here is
not who's got the better booty
but does comparing women's body parts send a bad message?
And all of you were tweeting along
and getting it trending so thank you
for supporting everything that I do.
I could not have been more happy that it happened.
We even got to play the seven seconds challenge
that Amazing Phil created and it just felt like
such a cool moment of entertainment people
that are in traditional mainstream entertainment
having some fun and doing like team internet things.
It was just, like, really cool and on top of
that I got to hang out with these women
that I look up, and I respect, and that I love,
and then afterward I got to hang out
with my queen herself, Julie Chen in her,
like, own dressing room and we filmed a little video.
So, this is what happened.
Hey y'all, I'm Tyler Oakley
and I am with the one and only Julie Chen.
- [Julie] Hello, hello!
- [Tyler] How are you?
- [Julie] I'm very well, how are you?
- [Tyler] I am doing well.
So, we just recorded and episode of the talk.
- [Julie] It was your debut on The Talk.
- [Tyler] It was my debut.
So, somebody upstairs had told me,
kind of let it slip, I wasn't supposed to know, apparently,
that somebody was wearing a wig.
And I was like, "I don't think I'm wearing a wig."
And then I was like, "Oh my gosh,
"somebody on the panel must be wearing a wig."
But then I get there and then I'm, like, sitting there,
and then out of nowhere I see a flood of green wigs
and I'm like, "Oh my god, they're all wearing wigs."
- [Julie] Were you flattered?
- [Tyler] I was blushing.
- [Julie] Yes, well... - [Tyler] I'm always blushing.
- [Julie] It brought out the green highlights even more.
- [Tyler] God bless.
You looked incredible, though.
- [Julie] Thank you.
I felt a little bit Missy Elliott-like.
Not sure.
(Tyler laughs) Didn't she have (mumbling)
but the Chinese version?
- [Tyler] Okay. - [Julie] I was like...
- [Tyler] Live your dream.
So, I need to tell you,
anytime somebody asks me who is your dream collaboration
I always have said you.
Since the start of my Youtube career.
- [Julie] Why? - [Tyler] So, this is,
like, a moment for me.
- [Julie] Thank you. - [Tyler] Why?
Well, if I had to sum it up.
- [Julie] Oh, Big Brother.
'Cause of Big Brother?
- [Tyler] Not just Big Brother.
So, I have a lot of aspirations.
Some of them include, like,
hosting or interviews and stuff like that
and you're just incredibly talented and...
- [Julie] Thank you.
- [Tyler] and then as far as Big Brother goes
Big Brother is my favorite show of all time.
But I have a couple questions.
If you were on Big Brother what would be your strategy?
- [Julie] I would probably try
and do it the way Derek did,
- [Tyler] Okay. - [Julie] Which is
you don't talk too much, you're always
- [Tyler] You take it all in. - [Julie] there to listen.
Yes, but the key thing is you find the person's weaknesses
and you let the others hang themselves,
which is what he did. - [Tyler] Right.
Well, I have always dreamed of being on the show.
Now, I'm like too in control of my own edit
and to hand over the edit to, like,
a team of editors, I would be like, "No, I can't do that."
- [Julie] You would probably come out of the house,
watch all the tapes, and...
- [Tyler] And cringe.
- [Julie] You would. - [Tyler] Yeah.
- [Julie] Not because of us,
- [Tyler] Because of me! - [Julie] because of you!
- [Tyler] I don't trust myself!
You are an inspiration of mine.
I look up to you career-wise
and I'm sure a lot of people do at home,
but if you had one piece of advice for people at home,
what would it be as far as if they want
to get to where you are today?
- [Julie] I would say as silly as it sounds
practice, practice, practice,
meaning if you wanna be a professional interviewer, or host,
it's so easy to record yourself with
the cell phones, the technology.
Do it, watch yourself, and just know
you're going to cringe, like, the first fifty times.
- [Tyler] Okay.
- [Julie] But whatever's making you cringe, change it.
- [Tyler] Learn from it.
When is your autobiography coming out?
- [Julie] Never, it's too boring.
- [Julie] I do (mumbling) - [Tyler] I would
be first in line.
- [Julie] I do everything on The Talk.
- [Tyler] Okay.
- [Julie] There's nothing else.
- [Tyler] Tune in.
(Julie laughs)
Okay, so, I feel like it's time to play a little game.
- [Julie] I love games.
- [Tyler] Are you competitive?
- [Julie] Yes.
(Tyler laughs)
- [Tyler] No, like, question about it.
Yes, I am competitive.
I'm gonna ask you as many questions as I can in one minute
and see how many you can answer.
- [Julie] Yes.
- [Tyler] If you could have one super power,
what would it be?
- [Julie] See through walls.
- [Tyler] Favorite movie from the past five years?
- [Julie] The Hunger Games.
- [Tyler] Okay, to be or not to be?
- [Julie] To be.
- [Tyler] Ugliest breed of dog?
- [Julie] Oh, afghan.
- [Tyler] If you could switch lives with
someone for a day, who would it be?
- [Julie] Angelina Jolie.
- [Tyler] What is love?
- [Julie] My husband and my son.
- [Tyler] Hardest worker in Hollywood.
- [Julie] My husband.
- [Tyler] What's the weirdest word in the English language?
- [Julie] Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.
- [Tyler] Okay, dolphins or koalas?
- [Julie] Dolphins!
- [Tyler] The first pet's name?
- [Julie] Fuji.
- [Tyler] Oh, favorite food?
- [Julie] Mashed potatoes.
- [Tyler] Which girl from the Sex and the City are you?
- [Julie] Carrie.
- [Tyler] Which rap song do you know every lyric to?
- [Julie] Put baby rapper's delight.
- [Tyler] Okay, okay.
Favorite board game?
- [Julie] Risk.
- [Tyler] Oo-oo.
You did so many questions.
- [Julie] I'm competitive, I told you.
- [Tyler] I have to beat fourteen, I will do it.
- [Julie] What are you doing tomorrow?
- [Tyler] Oh, hanging out.
- [Julie] If you could have dinner with
one person living or dead, who would it be?
- [Tyler] Oprah.
- [Julie] Last hobby you picked up?
- [Tyler] Working out.
- [Julie] Last person you texted?
- [Tyler] Corey.
- [Julie] Favorite Beyonce song?
- [Tyler] Ego.
- [Julie] Last country you visited?
- [Tyler] The U.K.
- [Julie] Twitter or Instagram?
- [Tyler] Twitter.
- [Julie] Blow dry or air dry?
- [Tyler] Blow dry.
- [Julie] Of course.
- [Tyler] Volume.
- [Julie] Favorite app?
- [Tyler] Twitter.
- [Julie] Favorite word?
- [Tyler] Oh goodness, vestibule.
- [Julie] Favorite lyrics?
- [Tyler] Touch me but don't mess up my hair.
- [Julie] Quickly good sounding serious advice.
- [Tyler] Oh, live your dream, girl.
- [Julie] Scale from one to ten,
how excited are you about life?
- [Tyler] Oh, ten, always, always ten.
- [Julie] Best present you've ever given?
You probably beat me.
- [Tyler] Love.
- [Tyler and Julie] Aw.
- [Tyler] Not really. - [Julie] I think you beat me.
- [Tyler] Really? - [Julie] Hold on, hold on.
Ten, eleven, twelve, thirty, fourteen, fifteen!
- [Tyler] Yes!
Thank you so much for hanging out with me.
- [Julie] Thank you for having me.
- [Tyler] You're the best.
We'll see you guys next time.
If you liked this, give it a thumbs up.
This is happening.
She's my queen.
Later y'all.
So, yes, like I said, this is like my diary,
and this felt like such a diary moment
that I wanted to share it with you guys
but I also wanted to make a video about it
so I can, like, look back and remember this day
as, like, something that I never wanna forget.
Thank you for being a part of my life.
Thank you for watching this video.
If you like this video, give it a thumbs up.
If you wanna see my latest video,
click right there.
If you want to hear my latest podcast,
it's hilarious, click right there.
If you want to see yourself right here
as my person of the week all you
gotta do is click right there.
Get something cute from my store,
wear it or show it off in a picture
that you send to me on Twitter,
and you might be right there.
But yeah, that's all I have for you guys today.
Thank you for making my dreams come true.
This has been, like, a bucket list moment, so thank you.
Okay, I'll see you guys next time, later.
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How I Met My Queen This Week | Tyler Oakley

1543 Folder Collection
稲葉白兎 published on January 17, 2015
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