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A travel guide for the hot springs of Beitou in Taipei
Taiwan. The hot spring town of Beitou was originally developed during the Japanese
colonial period
in the Fifties it was a big red light district. But in the Eighties it was
cleaned up by the Taiwanese government
and is now a great place to come enjoy nature and enjoy the beauty
of the natural hot springs. To get to Beitou take the MRT red line to the
Beitou station and then transfer to Shin Beitou.
You'll know you're near the hot springs at this station cause you can already
smell the sulfur smell.
The MRT has a special train on the red line that goes back and forth between
Beitou and Shin Beitou.
You'll know it's the right train because it's got hot spring characters
on the outside
this is the only hot springs subway car I know of in Taipei.
The inside of the train is special too. Featuring historical videos,
tables that look like bathtubs, and a nature car. Once you arrive at Xin Beitou station
you'll be greeted by some hot spring art of some little white characters
enjoying the hot springs. The main tourist attractions are all within an easy
walking distance
of Xin Beitou station. And there are plenty of signs along the way to guide you on.
To the Hot Springs - This Way!
In addition to signs there are also plenty of maps.
Seems like one every block or so,
There's even signs to tell you where all the hotels are.
About a 10 minute walk past the station is the entrance to the Beitou Thermal Valley
The source of that smelly hot spring water.
You'll know you'll be heading the right way cause the smell will get stronger.
come on here we go here we go Saito derives its name from the Aboriginal
word for witches cauldron
company you can see here the hot spring looks a little bit like
a witch's cauldron with the steam coming off the witch's brew
this is the hot spring water and the temperature about water
is between eighty to a hundred degrees Celsius
and between us k love 8 the 10 on the smelly scale
the specialty when that steam blows up on you
and hot temperatures that water make this area even hotter
particularly when the steamboat this way so pick a cool day or a windy day to
the only thing to know if the water looks a little bit green and that's
because this is a green us all for hot spring
it's wonderful way to in the world it interesting looking down into the hot
the face up the hot spring underneath the water
has these little craters in valleys almost looks a little bit like
the face of the moon spring water flows through the streams the Middletown
it turns everything green that it touches including the rocks below
the water that flows out of the hospital in closing this stream downhill
almost to the MRT station the town is roughly divided on either half up this
spring running downhill
but if you call this a long you know you'll be headed either towards the hot
or toward the MRT there's a number of other cool attractions along the stream
check them out as you walk down the hill from the geothermal Valley you can visit
the plum garden
a first-order Japanese mention originally built in the nineteen
we can see how life was here in the hot spring town
to keep the peel have a Japanese house they actually have you change
out have your shoes into providing shoppers
they don't quite fit size 14 but
a do feel wholly and if you come during Taiwan's national day
around October 10 might even get a free flag
like I did K taiwan National Day
just below the plum garden just wanna be toast public baths
the millennium hot springs for the low low price of forty new Taiwan dollars
you can go in and enjoy the hot spring
just down the hill from the millennium bath is the big toe hot spring museum
at this actually used to be the site up the first public bath and 80
now a museum to admission to the house during the day or screamed
you also have to pick up your shoes and transfer his slippers here too
when it was built in 1913 this was the biggest bathhouse in all other East Asia
and although the exterior has a very western appearance the interior
is definitely Japanese particularly here the lobby
with the tatami mats for you can still several acts like one of the people who
enjoy this bath house
over a hundred years ago stop by the veto branch of the Taipei Public Library
to see taiwan's first
green library and one of the most ego friendly buildings
in all the East Asia it's also considered to be the most beautiful
in Taiwan and finally to learn a little bit about the taiwanese indigenous
you can visit the cultural center have free admission to the museum a couple
for CDC part:
from the aboriginals
sip your travels take you to Taipei Taiwan visit page are you experienced
some of the
hot springs leaving culture
thanks for watching click on the flight to describe 109 days to clear for
link during the description or you might be action watching what is on their
click either one to watch
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Beitou Hot Spring Travel Guide - Taipei Taiwan

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yyeh published on January 13, 2015
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