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  • [crowd clamoring outside]

  • [indistinct chatter]

  • It is a sad day for England

  • When nobles do not rise for their queen.

  • And even sadder when that same queen

  • Is charged with adultery and incest.

  • Charged is not convicted, uncle.

  • Or is it in this court?

  • Master cromwell,

  • Read out the indictment.

  • The charge is

  • That in the 28th year

  • Of the reign of our sovereign henry,

  • King of England, his wife, the queen,

  • Being seduced by the devil,

  • Did knowingly commit incest, high treason

  • And offenses against god.

  • How do you plead?

  • Not guilty, my lord.

  • [♪]

  • Anne: The love I have for my brother

  • Is the natural love any sister

  • Would have for someone with whom she's grown up,

  • Nursed when sick, played with as a child.

  • Judge me, my lords,

  • But never forget

  • Your verdicts will be judged by god

  • In the greatest court of all.

  • Norfolk: My lords,

  • The time has come to pass judgment.

  • Guilty. Guilty.

  • Guilty. Guilty.

  • Guilty. Guilty.

  • Guilty. Man: Guilty.

  • Man 2: Guilty. Man 3: Guilty.

  • Man 4: Guilty.

  • Guilty.

  • [♪]

[crowd clamoring outside]

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The Other Boleyn Girl (9/11) Movie CLIP - To Pass Judgement (2008) HD

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