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Don't you love group projects? They're so easy right?
- Hey, do you want to grab some coffee? - Yeah.
You got this right?
Umm, actually… umm…
We'll be back in an hour or two.
Kidding me?
Hey, would you mind sending me those notes later?
- Again? - Yeah.
What happened to your notes?
I don't take any.
That's what you're here for.
That's so not possible.
Do you think the sun gets colder at night?
Oh, well actually…. they don't care.
Man, studying for this test is so hard.
I know. I literally died.
Literally? You mean figuratively right?
No, I mean I literally died.
Two beers. You only had one.
Can you just split the bill for us, like, you figure it out, and then I'll give you mine.
I bombed this test so hard.
I know. Me too.
Wasn't this supposed to be graded on a curve?
What did you get?
Curve breaker.
People like you disgust me.
So two atoms are talking to each other in a bar.
The first atom says, "I lost my electron."
The second atom says, "Are you positive?"
And then what happened?
Oh my god.
That movie was so good!
(Are you) kidding me? They got the book all wrong.
There's a book?
Sweet! So I'll give you a call sometime.
What was wrong with him? He was cute.
He's a social science major.
It's not a real science.
Hey Chris! Do you wanna play chess?
Not with you.
- So, my favorite joke ever. - Mhmm.
Two atoms walk up to each other in a bar.
The first atom says, "I lost my electron."
The second atom says, "Are you positive?"
I'm so glad you know that one.
Yeah I know. It's my favorite joke.
Oh, nice. I'm Nance.
- I'm Kaitlyn. - Very nice to meet you.
You too. Maybe I'll see you around.
Oh, maybe so.
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13 Problems Only Smart People Understand

31465 Folder Collection
Go Tutor published on May 16, 2015
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