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Well it began years ago with Fletcher Jones senior
and started in downtown Los Angeles, grew to
one, two, three, four dealerships
Fletcher Jones junior, our current owner, has taken over
and he's taken the ball and ran with it. This dealership is
beginning its 16th year and it's grown and grown every year
since first day. Well the collision center as 57,000 square feet on the rough
We have 72 employees currently very busy employees.
We process an average of 500 to 550 cars
per month. The collision center is known for its quality and that's how
we've grown, by continually providing first class customer service
and of course the quality that goes with that. Our customers have bought
what we feel is the world's best car so along with that they
deserve the world's best product, paint that is supported by mercedes-benz is BASF
so it's a pleasure to use that product and to apply it and
show the factory finish and duplicate everything we can possibly do to restore
to pre-accident condition. They were one of the very first
dealerships to convert to water-born. It's a pleasure to work with the
employees love it, they love the product they love painting with it.
It's very easy to use, user-friendly they say we have two spray booths
in our paint department and six prep stations so they keep us
very busy in the paint job and those hours certainly improve our cycle time
as well as the paint product, the water-born has enhanced our paint
product cycle time as well. Our training is very important to us whether it be through BASF
and their training center which were fortune, it's very local to us
so all of our paint shop employees have been cycled through the
training at the BASF training center, it's a wonderful facility
The relationship with BASF is certainly a wonderful thing.
The training, the support, the ease of use
and the quality the product, we offer the lifetime guarantee so
we need a product that we can trust and depend on and BASF certainly provides
all of that.
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Fletcher Jones Motorcars Chooses BASF Glasurit 90 Line

897 Folder Collection
jeong8018 published on January 11, 2015
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