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the most underpaid players this year
in the NBA now we are going to start with number six
number six on this list we're gonna skip right ahead to compile the list
rage on Rondo complex dot com as the website I was thinking of complex dot
by the list rate on Rondo is that number six I believe we have a
a few pictures %uh the 0 boy went to
Kentucky so I hear the numbers on him he was it went right
the Wizards like we were gonna take him but I was like thinking that was going
to be great
and then we did some made some poor horrible decision took someone else or
maybe whether work but right force but I went into that traffic and we get rain
27 years old next year he is set to make twelve million dollars
he led the NBA in assists per game from 2011 to 2013
overall he's 46 on the list of the top 50 highest-paid
players underpaid or just right
when he think I mean underpaid in the sense but
like this whole the reason why I'm not into this list is because
try to get into a cover it with the perspective is all off because now
because the caps on contracts guys are making as much money
so like he's underpaid
because he didn't have an opportunity for somebody to overpay him so now
the again the perspectives of like I woulda kept what's interesting about
this list is
incredibly valuable players in the NBA making less than five million dollars a
or something like that yeah Rondo isn't is very good value is a dynamic
game-changing player
and I hope I don't like the Celtics you know I got no interest in the Celtics
being good
but why because it Celtics but
know what they'll think who cares they always have I'll
the that like your Lakers point is that what that is
there's also been also love her if what Hitler
radio thing I like crazy all right and then click here to argue there's nothing
like this yeah anyway cash for that long players not true anymore
but you know at number five J let me get your take on this Steph Curry
next year he is set to make 19 19.48 evict 9.99 t-mobile ridicules
9.9 million dollars there Steph Curry fantastic player last year he averaged
23 points per game 7 assists per game 25 years old
the obvious concerns are his ankles and
able ankle injuries as like a skinny is to go back to the injuries is serving
two like
the it to get the way with looking like that kid like this cuz killing me
yeah you can move the court he is a is fun watching them get last night meaning
that was when I was a fun game against the quote I got all the cable like it
was playing the seventies I
David Thompson George Gervin data been excited every time you put up a shot
like a museum you know what
adults anyway there's but like only when they play the Clippers do on
I'm like oh nice it again nobody's really good tonight
well ever the everything is going after was game was the next
of was it was the most fun game to watch
that was this it's fun to watch you think when it's like that
yep totally items like he really doesn't know what he's doing but he knows
exactly what he's doing Dan Gilbert's guy Kyrie Irving comes in at number four
on the list next year he is set to make 5.6
million dollar again if that is it's not actually use them on picky signed
rocky scale max for number one pick in that would make I believe that is not
his rookie contract know it struck me that those working contract oca
I'm 21 years old this Kyrie Irving last year 22 points per game
five rebounds per game seven assists per game doesn't fantastic numbers
yet forget per kid for a kid who's a really really
really good evening look like it like you can see that like he i mean you know
I'm really into way too much into it but
like he's ready like I would say he's ready to lead
like that guys ready to lead bad politics while rolling let's go to
number three analysts Russell Westbrook
a UCLA product Ben last year
feeling he didn't 23 points per game five rebounds per game 7 assists per
24 years old his 22nd on the top
50 highest-paid list the 50 highest-paid players
in the NBA yeah I want you know I love Russell I love UCLA 11 now I
Shida go should not wear fake glasses
I could but he always bring this up but always get
are part of a little I wear glasses they're all phoniness about Russell
Westbrook this is sorta
here too I don't know not to you know because at
dunk I hope it comes back well now Kevin Durant is number two on this list there
might be a little surprising
I but he is a two weeks for us what he is set to make
70.8 million dollars next year 28 points per game last year
eight rebounds nearly five assists per game before rounding up which meant my
high school teachers that
and for the top 50 highest-paid players he is 15
right now obviously as Ben said we are in a salary-cap
era it he were to could not be in that area that an awesome for
if you're not be in the therapy would obviously make thirty to forty million
dollars if you would like it if it ever or the baseball market
even open market right guy for the Lakers in a bank forty eight million
dollars here
I lastly LeBron James to no surprise as number one but here's the thing:
can you make a point that he's underpaid at $19 million dollars
sure ninety million dollars a year yeah I mean occurs East
mean he's the best player in the league is that I've been playing league night
highest-paid player ideal
you know you there but again he had a max contract the tickets I actually took
a little less than the max contract there
so they can sign other players can make all that up I always love hearing about
that time Brady did that a lot
picket sign Randy Moss and others I mean at I way I mean I like hearing about it
is great
those guys you know the the broad exceeds the nineteen million to make
he in other deals trailed know you know like Samsung and Nike is doing okay
you get into those commercials but I'm sorry sight but yeah that the new Nike
commercial them running was running all three
I probably like it because I like John Legend anything
and pay attention him in the sense i commercial stories
with kids to do the same mimicking movie there's
other I you don't like that it will about it I'm not heat and
I'm so I saw a bronco lol reform to whenever you like is going to
like that yeah but I'd like again when they were no hate it
this I'm very different its I like watching
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Best NBA Players? - Most Underpaid

4161 Folder Collection
赫蔡 published on January 9, 2015
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