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Hi, This is Mike Mozart, back again bringing you the coolest products of yesterday and today
If you liked my video of "Spank the Monkey" Tarzan .......
This is brand new, you can buy this right now at Toys R Us, Amazon.com,
or almost any store in the country. It's Disney's Talkin
Bobbin' Characters from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Wow, that's a pretty innocent looking little toy. What could be wrong with this
toy. Wait until you see this! But, first a little innocent thing.
Here's Mickey and Pluto. Look it say's "Hiya" we move and
talk. Ummm ... Pluto doesn't talk, he only barks and makes noise.
So that's a little error on the package and don't think that's a graphic of Mickey
Mouse, that's a graphic of Mickey Mouse's Clubhouse. So.. they should have
switched the figures in this packaging because Mickey is the one that says "Hiya".
But, you all want to see what's ODD about this toy.
To start with here. [Clears Throat] Look at Pluto's little paw, how he is
holding it. Do you see this? Here's Pluto.. Here's his paw ...
you can see there is a leg here that is hinged. Look how his paw is
You can really see what this action is. Now dogs when they
sit down, like pluto is, they hold their paw like this if they want your attention, like "I want a treat"
then they hold their paw up like this, Right? Everybody knows that , right? And on the back of the package
they show a picture of this product. This is probably the prototype and
they photographed the prototype to make the packaging, if you look
Pluto is holding his paw the way a dog would hold his paw. He's holding his paw up
with his elbow bent, very clear, I'm making sure that you can all
see this here what is going on. The only reason a dog might hold his paw
that way is to point at something that is down there or
grab at something down there. This says the stupid goofiest
things you could imagine. And with this little gesture that Pluto's making
here, I mean ... get a load of this gesture here. This is the "Try Me" button" right here.
Here, You Go ... [Mickey Speaks] Do you know what pluto's favorite toy is?
[Pluto] Excited Barking [Mickey] That's RIGHT!
Pluto, What's your Favorite toy? [Mike Mozart imitates the Excited Barking]
He points at his crotch. ... hee hee
[Mickey]Can you help me find Pluto's dog Bone?
[Mickey] Do you know where it is? [Mike Mozart] There's his bone!
[Mickey] That's Right! [Mike Mozart] Where's his bone?
He points at his crotch and Mickey says "That's Right!"
Hee Hee Hee Heee [Mickey] Hiya old Pal!
[Pluto] Barks excitedly [Mickey] Ha Ha do you want to play?
[Pluto] Yeah Yeah excited barking
Umm ... I don't know who decided to
make this last minute change to this product because it's clear that his
that his paw is upright with a bent elbow here when he's shaking it on the back of
the package. And I'm sure you're going to ask. This is from a company called
Character Direct Limited in Hong Kong. Do you know what Pluto's favorite
toy is? [Pluto] Barks excitedly. [Mike Mozart] Now my question for the
Day is, Do you think someone should have noticed this problem before it went
out? Do think that somebody possibly saw this? Do you think
was deliberate? Why did they change this? It was
perfect! of course, except for Pluto talking here, which he doesn't talk
What were they thinking? So, if you liked this review, please give me
5 stars. I'd really appreciate those 5 stars. Wouldn't you guys!
[Mickey] Hiya Pluto
And, Oh, Don't forget to subscribe. It's that little yellow subscription button down there that says JeepersMedia more than
95 cool videos with lots more to come! WOAH!
Toys even crazier than this one!
You'll be glad you did! More than 95 cool product reviews.
right now including such travesties as "Talkin' Bobbin' Mickey. [kids cheering]
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FAIL DISNEY MICKEY Toy FUNNY Product Review by Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia

2500 Folder Collection
Fu Jung Lai published on December 19, 2012
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