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  • I'm the professional. Oh.

  • Okay.

  • Freddy. [Clears Throat]

  • Freddy Bender, this is Rex Rexroth.

  • And you are the lovely Marylin.

  • Please, Ms. Rexroth.

  • And you must be Mr. Massey.

  • Please, Miles. Sit.

  • Sit down. [Groans]

  • Freddy, I was sorry to hear about the Goldberger award.

  • - Pastry? - [Wrigley Giggling]

  • We did very well.

  • We did very well.

  • Not to worry, Mrs. Rexroth. You're ably represented.

  • I'm sure Freddy's just too modest to tell you he used to clerk for Clarence Thomas.

  • Pastry? Going begging.

  • [Stammering] Don't try to bait me, Miles.

  • If you have a proposal to make, let's hear it.

  • Well, at this point my client is still prepared to consider reconciliation.

  • My client's ruled that out.

  • My client is prepared to entertain an amicable dissolution to the marriage without prejudice.

  • That's a fart in a stiff wind.

  • My client proposes a 30-day cooling-off period.

  • My client feels sufficiently dispassionate.

  • My client asks that you not initiate proceedings pending his setting certain affairs in order.

  • What's so goddamn funny?

  • Please, let me handle this.

  • All right, so much for the ice-breakers. What are you after, Freddy?

  • My client is prepared to settle for 50 percent of the marital assets.

  • Why only 50, Freddy? Why not a hundred?

  • While we're dreaming, why not 150?

  • - Are you familiar with Kershner? - Kershner does not apply.

  • Bring this to trial, we'll see if Kershner applies.

  • What's Kershner? Please, let me handle this.

  • - Kershner was in Kentucky. - Kershner was in Kentucky?

  • - Kershner was in Kentucky. - All right, Freddy, forget Kershner. What's your bottom line?

  • Primary residence, 30 percent of remaining assets.

  • What, are you nuts? Have you forgotten Kershner?

  • Freddy, it's a negotiation.

  • [Freddy] See you at the preliminary.

  • Freddy, we're all friends here.

  • It's a negotiation. Hey, uh...

  • Freddy!

  • Fine. We'll eat the pastry. [Door Opens, Slams]

I'm the professional. Oh.

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