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  • This episode of "Discovery Wild Safari"

  • is brought to you by Little Debbie.

  • Welcome to "Discovery World Safari."

  • On today's episode, the hippopotamus.

  • Hippos once had a broader distribution,

  • but now live in eastern, central, and southern sub-Saharan Africa,

  • where the populations are in decline.

  • Hippos are the third-largest land mammal species on Earth,

  • after elephants and white rhinos.

  • They weigh about 7,900 pounds and are 15 feet long.

  • They spend 16 hours a day in water,

  • which is why the Greeks them the "river horse."

  • Hippos are graceful in water and can hold their breath

  • for up to five minutes.

  • Their eyes and nostrils are located

  • high on their heads, which allows them to see and breathe

  • while mostly submerged.

  • Hippos secrete an oily, red substance

  • that is a skin moistener, bug repellent, and sunblock.

  • Their hide alone weighs half a ton.

  • At sunset, hippos leave the water and graze on land.

  • They may eat some 80 pounds of grass

  • in one evening, which proportionately

  • isn't that much food.

  • They may run back to the water as fast as 13 miles per hour

  • if they feel threatened.

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This episode of "Discovery Wild Safari"

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