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They tuck them away like a plane's undercarriage I think when they're in flight.
Come now. Don't be shy. Step into the light.
So last time we chatted to you was for Star Trek, and now you're a badass dragon. You're
pretty good at being bad.
Pretty good at being bad. Hopefully not bad at being good. I do a few good things as well
in the roles I play, but yeah. He's a great, great, great villain this Smaug. Sort of,
less empathetic. I think he's an all out psychopath, really. He's charming. He's charismatic. There's
stuff to engage with. He doesn't just barrel out fire, but he yeah... I don't know that
humans have the sort of unforgiving, the venality and the greed and just the all out vanity
as well. Yeah, it's his downfall, really.
Is it more fun being a baddie because you sort of jump in the deep end, grab it by the
balls... Dragons have balls?
Do they?
I don't know. Maybe.
I don't know. I don't think they do.
Well, if they do, they have a very sort of, yeah... They tuck them away like a plane's
undercarriage I think when they're in flight, so you don't get to see much of them in the
film. It's a kid's film, after all.
Are you holding dragon balls right now? That's what you're doing?
That's how big I imagine dragon balls would be. Wow. You can't have them dangling around
in a film, you're right. I think maybe one might get slightly within... I can't believe
we're going in this direction, but anyway...
Probably about the size of my head, I reckon.
You've got quite a small head, so I don't know.
Maybe bigger.
What I... Let's just debate that with the great British public. Let's put it out there.
The tales and songs fall utterly short of your enormity. O Smaug the stupendous.
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Benedict Cumberbatch solves the age-old mystery of whether dragons have balls

1338 Folder Collection
Fu Jing Ting published on December 27, 2014
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