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  • The UN Security Council unanimously passed a resolution that quotecondemns in the

  • strongest terms”, the attack that brought down Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 over Ukraine.

  • They also demanded unfettered access to the crash site. But they haven’t yet listed

  • this resolution under Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter, so the resolution is not

  • enforceable. And they gave in to pressure from Russia and changed the phraseshooting

  • downtodowningso they didn’t even use thestrongest termsavailable

  • in their condemnation. Which begs the questionwhat good is the UN? What military powers

  • does it even have?

  • The short answer is...that depends. The UN is a coalition of 193 nations. If all those

  • nations were to work together militarily, they would collectively wield incredible power.

  • But it would be those nations wielding power as a group, not the UN wielding power by itself.

  • You can think of the UN more as a forum, than a force. In fact, the general assembly of

  • the UN is literally just that, a place where all 193 nations can discuss global and domestic

  • issues.

  • Occasionally, recommendations will come out of this forum, but they are not binding and

  • it’s up to each individual nation to comply. The US gets tagged in the press a lot for

  • not complying.

  • Within the UN there is a smaller group called the UN Security Council. This is a group of

  • 15 nations responsible for assessingthreats to the peaceand determining what actions

  • should be taken in response to these threats. Be it sanctions, communication disruptions,

  • or military actions. Their decisions are binding when the council says they are binding and

  • UN members are obligated to carry them out. This can include contributing troops and supplies

  • for military engagement. Thoughobligatedis a strong word - there have been incidents

  • of disobedience and other countermeasures.

  • Plus, any decision made by the security council can be vetoed by any one of the five permanent

  • members of the Security Council; these members are China, France, Russia, the UK, and the

  • US. So, in a current dispute, like the one between Ukraine and Russia, the Security Council’s

  • actual power is limited because Russia can just veto any decision it doesn’t agree

  • with. It’s a tough spot for the rest of the UN to be in, but it is all part of the

  • checks and balances that make the UN a coalition. It is also part of why some people think the

  • UN is an extremely biased coalition.

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The UN Security Council unanimously passed a resolution that quotecondemns in the

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