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  • about you standing in the middle of a crowd.

  • l could make love to you right here.

  • You're trying to tell me my future, you're looking on the wrong side.

  • There is something l do want to tell you.

  • But you can't ?

  • Just now when you hesitated, l got a chill.

  • Remember that morning in the coffee shop ?

  • When you said, ''What's wrong with taking care of a woman ?

  • She takes care of you.''

  • - Did l say that ? - Mm-hmm.

  • And l said you'd have a hard time finding a woman like that these days.

  • - ## [ Ends ] - [ Applause ]

  • Well, you found one, Joe.

  • The coffee shop.

  • That was the place, and you were the guy.

  • And you said that, uh,

  • that you didn't want me to be your doctor because...

  • you didn't want me to examine you.

  • Why, l got to examine you, after all.

  • l could come with you.

  • You want me to wait ?

  • You'll come back ?

  • May l kiss you ?

  • That felt like good-bye.

about you standing in the middle of a crowd.

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Meet Joe Black (9/10) Movie CLIP - Joe Says Goodbye (1998) HD

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