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Hi! Great to see you dear viewer.
‘What’s your name?’ is one of the most asked questions we face in our lives.
You meet strangers, they ask you your name, and you ask them back.
It is a conversation starter at any place.
So let’s listen to some conversations which include asking your name and getting to know people.
Hit the pause button whenever you want and repeat the dialog for better practice.
Let’s get started now!!
Hey Rob.
Hey Cindy. How are you?
I’m fine, thank you. So what’s up with you lately?
Nothing. I like this girl of the office but I don’t have the guts to ask her name.
You silly. It’s easy, just say “What’s your name?”
I think there’s a bit too direct. I don’t want to scare her.
Well, waiting for someone to introduce you to each other will be a bit formal.
Yeah, that’s right.
Why don’t you say hi and then introduce yourself?
That way she’ll know your name and she’ll probably tell you her name, too.
That’s a good idea! Thanks Cindy.
You’re welcome.
Hi, there.
I am Harry Daniels, and you are ...?
Oh. I am Rosa Sprinkles.
You work in the Marketing department, right?
Yes. And I guess you are in the Human Resources department...
Yeah. How did you know?
I see you every day. I knew who you were but never knew your name.
Oh..okay...So you now know it and I also know yours.
Yeah, and I hope I’ll see you around
Hi Rachel. How are you?
I’m fine, but I’m sorry, I forgot your name.
I’m Kiara, remember? From the salon?
Oh yes, Kiara! Hi, how are you?
I’m great. I thought you would remember me.
I did remember you but I just didn’t remember your name. I’m really bad at remembering people’s names.
It’s okay. No problem. Maybe you won’t forget it now.
I hope not!
Hey, Finn. How are you?
Hey there. I’m good. You’re Brody’s sister, right?
Yeah. I am.
I’m really sorry. But I never got a chance to ask Brody your name.
Oh. My name is Rachel. It’s Ok since this is the first time we meet.
Yeah. I saw you at school once and I remember Brody mention you were his sister but he never told me your name.
No problem, Finn. It was nice meeting you.
Same here. I'll see you around.
See ya!
Informally we say that the courage or bravery you show to do something is guts.
Do you have the guts to stand up for what’s right when everyone else wants to do what’s wrong?
In a customary or particular way. Formal speech means absolute correct speech with no slang or idioms.
Formal behavior is behaving with excellent manners, and sometimes in a specific way according to custom.
Casual is behavior or a language that’s not formal; it’s informal.
You are casual when you are with your friends and family. Casual and informal can be used in the same way in most sentences.
A salon is a place where you can get your hair or makeup done by a beautician or a stylist.
You might go to the salon just before a special occasion.
Thank you for watching this lesson. We’ll be back with a new one tomorrow.
Remember to come back for it!
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See ya, bye!
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Asking Someone Their Name In English - What's Your Name - English Video Lessons

2946 Folder Collection
Chris published on December 13, 2014
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