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I didn't know the Thailand held such a darkened tragic secret.
I didn't know that these animals were caught up in this hideous crime
I didn't know that thousands of dogs are grabbed from the streets
That many of them were stolen family pets
I didn't know that these innocent creatures are crammed into cages
so brutally that their bones of a break
So tightly that they can't move
and they have trapped like this, for the smuggled journey
which could take days
I didn't know how many of them suffocate ,crushed by the way to the others
the ones who survive the long journey would gone for days without water
and unbearable heat
I didn't know about this unimaginable cruelty
and neither to the majority of the people of Thailand
I didn't know that these desperate dogs are killed illegally for their meat
and they are killed in torturers ways
the quite of their furry is removed while they're still conscious
I didn't know that millions of Thai dogs have already died
and right now, thousands are suffering in ways I can hardly imagine
I didn'now the scale of this trade
I didn't know it was in our power to stop it
I didn't know that many of these dogs were rescued and sent to showers in Northeast Thailand
But with no government funding
the dogs one survivor without I help
now that you know, now that you know
now that you know
go to soidog.org to find out how you can help, please.
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Ricky Gervais, Judi Dench and Downton Abbey stars speak out against the dog meat trade.

2537 Folder Collection
Sunny Hsu published on December 12, 2014    Sunny Hsu translated    Gisele Sung reviewed
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