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>>Erik: What did you learn studying anthropology at Brandeis University and how did you apply
that in your early career? >>Simon: I`m fascinated by why people do what
they do. I`ve always been fascinated by it. Anthropology gave me the freedom and flexibility
to study the individual and the group. If you just want to study individuals you are
a psychology major and if you just want to study the group you are a sociology major.
Where when you are an anthropology major you can do it all. Freedom is nice. I`m just fascinated
by people. In college, I loved going to bars and watch people on dates. Watching their
body language. I did field work with the Massachusetts state police. When I went into my career in
marketing, I was interested in why people buy one thing over another. For me it is very
much the same. What truly motivates us and what inspires us to repeat behavior?
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Simon Sinek on How to Apply an Anthropology Degree in Your Career

974 Folder Collection
TeacherJennifer Bryne published on December 12, 2014
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