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Chicken feet are utilized in many regional Asian cuisines.
They are an enormously popular ingredient
in soups, or even à la carte as a savory snack or entree.
Who looks at a chicken and is like, "Give me its feet."
Brings a whole new meaning to the term chicken fingers.
Wanna shake hands?
I'm just gonna do it with my hands.
- Oh my god! It's f*cking floppy!
I feel like I'm holding it like a little baby wrist.
Do we eat the bone? Is there bones?
- Ah, there's a bone. - It's all bones. It's all bones.
It's kinda like a chicken wing, but all skin.
I don't think it's that bad.
It would be better if it didn't look like a foot.
It's just a boney, floppy mess.
Nattō is a traditional Japanese food
made from fermented soy beans.
Studies have indicated vast health benefits
from the consumption of this unique breakfast dish.
It looks innocent.
Is it bugs?
Oh, gross!
I hope that's cheese.
What is going on? It's like a spider web.
- I really like this. - It's crazy.
I smell it now.
- Oh, that does not taste good.
This tastes like rotten beans.
Bitter, definitely.
Peanut poop.
It tastes like it's fermented, but it's not bad.
I cannot possibly say any horrible things about it.
Many South East Asians regard Durian
as the king of fruits.
Its most distinctive feature is its powerful aroma,
making it a difficult delicacy to find
in stores and restaurants.
I hear that it's super smelly.
Oh my god!
It smells like rotten fruit.
So we're done, right? We don't have to eat it.
We smelled it, so we're good.
It's the same color as this tablecloth,
and this is not a pretty tablecloth.
To the left. To the left!
Oh god, he doesn't like it. Now I'm scared!
- It tastes good, right? - No.
The taste is not as bad as the smell,
but it is not a good taste.
I'm telling you, it's mango mixed with garlic.
I like mango and I like garlic!
This thing has spikes on it.
That's telling you, "Do not eat this shit."
The Balut is a developing duck embryo that is boiled
and eaten in the shell.
It's a common street food in the Phillipines
and South East Asia, and is best when served with beer.
A hard boiled egg?
Wait, what am I supposed to do?
Oh, it squirted at me.
Oh, it tastes good!
Oh my god! What is that?!
- It's a bird. - Oh it's a duck! That's a duck!
I am not eating that.
I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.
Dude, I'm seeing like the first feathers in there.
- It's fluffy! - It never had the chance.
- It tastes like pâté. - You're a murderer.
Sannakji is a very special raw Korean dish
consisting of a live octopus that has been chopped
into small pieces, then served immediately
with a light sesame seasoning.
Oh, it's alive still.
It's f*cking moving around!
If you don't chew it, it'll suction to your throat.
Oh, this is just endless terror.
Oh, it fell. Oh, it's moving.
I'm too afraid to swallow it!
It's sorta like you're making out with someone
and trying to eat at the same time.
I really feel like I'm killing something right now.
And it feels great!
-Are you alright?
It's totally stuck to my tooth.
- It didn't taste that bad. - It's actually pretty good.
I mean, it's like an adrenalin rush with your meal!
It's like getting a rubber band
that is screaming for its life inside of you.
Yeah, the thing to remember is that
even some Asians find these foods not that great.
This Asian. Right here. Whassup?
Feels like people aren't eating this stuff for sustenance.
They're eating it for fun.
It's so creepy.
A lot of fear!
I think it's also being raised with the idea
of recognizing where something comes from.
They just take it from their environment
and put it on your plate.
It's either really fresh, or it's just really dead.
- To Asia! - To people who eat everything.
Oh, I haven't heard from Barry in a while.
I opened Barry's door and he looks exactly like this,
and he smells like this, and you try to taste him,
and that's even worse!
- And it's rough. - What would you taste a dead guy?
- Because you miss him!
[captioned by www.facebook.com/subtitleyoutube]
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Americans Taste Exotic Asian Food

34839 Folder Collection
Zenn published on December 21, 2014    Clément translated
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