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Some murders take seconds...
It's a gun murder. I like it.
- Some murders take hours... - (victim groans)
Now...this murder...takes years!
What is happening?
It began as a nuisance.
I feel like I've seen this video.
Oh yes. (laughs) I have definitely seen this video.
Yes! Oh god.
(laughs) I forgot this existed!
- (laughing) What?! - What am I watching?
Get away from me! Get away from me!
What the heck?
He'll use the spoon. Use the spoon. Yeah.
He dropped the knife. He dropped the knife
and decided to spoon.
- It will find you... - (laughing)
It will hit you...with a spoon!
Again...and again...
Why is no one outside the White House doing anything?
The Louvre has great security.
- And again-- - Stay in your house!
Just call the police!
- And again, and again, and again! - Wonder if it happens again.
- And again, and again, and again! - This is so random.
And again, and again, and again, and again.
This is so stressful to watch. I feel so sorry for him.
Isn't this like the ending to the Lord of the Rings?
It just keeps going on and on and on.
- And again-- - Stop!
- And again, and again. - (laughing)
He couldn't even commit suicide.
- ...pounding several soft spots into your skull. - Oh, that was cool.
- You got one spot-- - At the ribs.
- Over 12 years in the making. - Oh my god. Why?!
- Filmed on five continents. - The effort! The cinematography!
It's amazing!
- With a running time of over nine hours. - (laughing)
It's so dark.
What am I watching right now?
Oh! It smashed.
No...he has more spoons.
He has more spoons! (laughs)
I love it so much!
The horribly slow murderer with the extremely inefficient weapon.
Oh my gosh.
Can you endure...
20,000 spoonfuls of terror?
(laughs) Stop! Too soon, too soon.
That was the most random thing I've ever seen in my life.
I loved this video. I loved this video.
I'm speechless.
I feel like I got horribly lost on the internet.
- (Finebros) Okay, so what was that? - (laughing) You tell me, man!
I have absolutely no idea what I just watched.
Guy hitting another guy with a spoon for entirely too long.
That was a death by trailer.
A trailer for a spoon murder mystery.
I just called it the spoon video from back in the day.
(Finebros) So the name of the video is The Horribly Slow Murderer
- With the Extremely Inefficient Weapon. - Wait, what?
The Horribly Slow Murderer...(chuckles)... The Horribly Slow--
The Horribly Slow Murderer With the Terribly Inefficient Weapon.
(Finebros) What was going on in your head when you were
experiencing the journey of this video?
My thoughts were, I swear to god, I wish I could be this funny.
That was so funny!
I was really creeped out and concerned, and then I was just annoyed
and thought maybe I should leave.
Then I was wondering if this was a prank that you guys were pulling.
At first, it seems like this B horror movie.
The moment he throws away the knife, it's like,
"Okay. This is ridiculous."
And it's definitely one of those things where the humor just keeps going.
It keeps going. It keeps doing the same thing
over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over.
And over, and over, and over, and over again.
He just kept on hitting him! It just didn't stop!
With a spoon! (laughs)
Spoons can be sinister in the right context.
- What? - Like eye gouging.
Imagine if you're strapped to a table and I come in
and melon ball your eyes out.
(Finebros) And what did you think of the villain with the spoon?
Very bendy.
Just creepy!
It reminds me of Jack the Killer, Slenderman.
What I immediately thought of was Death from Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey.
- Maybe he represented death-- - Are you trying to see art
where there's nothing, Phil?
Clearly, he has too much time on his hands, to hit this guy
constantly with a spoon. When does he pee?
(Finebros) What advice would you give to the guy being chased with the spoon?
Hit him with a bigger spoon.
Cover himself with magnets that push the spoons away.
Or maybe bubble wrap.
Pull down your trousers or something!
Weird him out so he runs away and goes, "Nah, forget this!"
He did pull a knife on him, didn't he, so he couldn't kill--
So he can't die... Oh, he can't die!
So he can't kill him. He can't get rid of him.
There's nothing he can do!
He tries to kill him, doesn't work.
He tries to kill himself, doesn't work. There's no escape. There's no escape!
It's a metaphor for life!
This is a metaphor for your inner demons,
kind of torturing you forever, and no one else can really see them.
You can try and explain it, but no one can understand it
'cause it's your own experience.
(Finebros) What would you do if this guy was following you
- and attacking you with a spoon? - I'd hit him back.
I'd probably just go to alcoholism.
Maybe talking to him is the one thing that he didn't try.
All us British people are always making people cups of tea.
Make him a cup of tea!
Try to kill myself more. He only looked like he tried three times.
I think I'm more personally fearful of being annoyed
for a long period of time than someone inflicting
temporary violence on me.
(Finebros) Would you say that you liked this video?
- I'd say no. - I'd have to say no.
I'd say I liked it.
I liked the idea of this, but the experience was less than extraordinary.
Yes, definitely.
It commits to the idea. It has this idea and it commits to it,
and it just takes it and runs with it.
It's so funny! It's a spoon murder.
It's so random and stupid that it's amazing.
(Finebros) This filmmaker spent 22 days making this film.
What do you think about him making this thing so large in scope?
Genius. I wish I had done it first.
It's because they went to that extreme that it's amazing.
He or she was probably just trying to go viral with something.
It's just so much time and effort into something so not worth it.
The effects were amazing! I couldn't tell that they weren't in Paris.
It looked like this guy was at the Eiffel Tower.
You spare no expense when you're trying to make something for the internet.
They went through a lot of effort to make that funny trailer
and I really appreciate how much effort it must've taken to make that video.
It just kind of made me want to hit you with a spoon a lot.
(Finebros) This was actually a short film for festivals.
Oh! Okay, alright. I got it.
- Did it win awards? - (Finebros) It did!
It did? Good. Good. It better have.
(Finebros) So, even though this was for festivals, it went viral in 2009,
and has over 25 million views, even though it's over 10 minutes long.
You're joking!
(Finebros) Why is this kind of thing that would go viral?
Probably to annoy one another. I would. In fact, I probably will.
It's like almost if you wanna Rick Roll your friend.
You want to waste a friend's time, you're like,
"Here, check this out! It's amazing."
You could troll your friends with it, but at the same time,
share something that's really, really, really fun.
(Finebros) Why, even though it's so long, is it still so popular?
That's the joke. The joke is it goes on so long.
That is part of the joke. The longer it goes, the funnier it is.
The purpose of the movie is this is really slow, agonizing thing.
And now here's this really slow, agonizing trailer you have to sit through.
But you actually are experiencing how slow and painful the experience would be.
(Finebros) Finally, if this was a real movie, would you go to see it,
- even if it was over nine hours long? - Certainly not.
- Never. - No.
- Yeah. - Never.
Yes! Yes, there's no question about that!
If it was done that way, yes!
I would see it just to say I saw it.
I wouldn't see any movie for nine hours.
No, if they came out with another Harry Potter movie, I would definitely do that.
I think I would give it to my bro as a gift. (laughs)
And be like, "There's this really sick film that everyone's talking about.
You should go watch it."
Obviously not. Nine hours! Are you kidding me?
You could have a spoon party, where everyone just comes to watch it.
You could eat yogurt together, and then just have it on in the background.
Oh, oh, it's happening! It--
Did you really just provide Phil with a spoon?
Thank you so much for watching this episode of YouTubers React.
We love your faces!
So why don't you guys subscribe to somebody down below?
And, again, subscribe to somebody down below.
And again, and again, and again, and again!
Thanks so much for watching.
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YouTubers React to The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon

1551 Folder Collection
張寶敏 published on December 8, 2014    皓芸 translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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