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  • Sandwich, burger.

  • Why the big smile, Han?

  • You going commando under those corduroys?

  • No, Max, I am happy today because diner clientele

  • has finally changed for the better.

  • Look, two parties of cool hipsters

  • are sitting at tables near wall.

  • You think those are six hipsters?

  • Okay, let's go over this one more time.

  • Hipster or homeless, pop quiz, ready?

  • - Ready. - Hipsters wear?

  • Skinny jeans.

  • - Homeless wear? - Dirty jeans.

  • - Hipsters listen to? - Radio Head.

  • - Homeless listen to? - The voices in their head.

  • - Hipsters have? - Beard and a blog.

  • - Homeless have? - Beard and so much sadness.

  • I see sadness, there and there.

  • I'll handle this.

  • I told you before, I don't want your kind in here.

  • Take a trendy hike.

  • Better step it up. The apple store closes at ten.

  • Max, why did you kick out the hipsters?

  • 'Cause I could not be in the background

  • of another Instagram photo.

Sandwich, burger.

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Hipsters VS Homeless (2 Broke Girls)

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    park posted on 2016/08/20
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