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Just to clarify, this video isn't about people who are alive but we think should be dead.
That would be cruel so I'll leave that up to you in the comments.
Some people are just lucky. Not like run of the mill won a free dinner or even a car lucky,
but mind-bendingly, improbability-drive style lucky. They should be dead and buried,
probably in many, many pieces.But they aren't. So here's our list of five people who survived
the absolute worst, and came out the other side.There seems to be a bit of a plane crash
theme to these. Sorry. Actually I'm not really sorry, they're still all awesome stories of survival.
Ziv Nadivi In 1983, Captain Ziv Nadivi was flying his
Israeli airforce F-15 in a routine air-defence training mission. Tasked with shooting down
various, inverted commas, invaders, all seemed to be going well until, from below, one of
his teammates, flying upside down, began to climb. There was no way the two could see
each other or get out of the way, and an almighty mid-air collision ensued. The pilot of the
other plane bailed out, his aircraft falling back to Earth in a ball of flame.
Ziv, however. hung on. His plane had entered a spin and he needed to steady it before he
and his co-pilot could safely escape. But, once he managed to right the aircraft, it
seemed to still be flying, though leaking fuel out of the tanks on the right wing. Just
ten miles from the nearest runway, Ziv and his co-pilot decided to put the plane down.
they made it to the airstrip - just - but were going far too fast to land, hitting the
tarmac at twice the usual speed and even snapping an arrester cable designed placed over the
runway to slow down incoming jets. They stopped the plane with just feet to spare before hitting
the barriers at the far end of the airfield. And when the pair got out of the plane?
The leaking fuel cloud had masked the fact that the plane only had one wing left. The crew
had, unknowingly and by keeping up their speed, managed to fly ten miles and land a plane
with only one wing, unscathed. Skillful? For sure. Lucky? Oh, Yeah. Also very lucky.
Juliane Koepcke
So your plane is struck by lightning. OK, that's a bit unlucky but not usually the end
of the world. Being in a plane crash? Yeah, that's pretty unlucky. But even in the most
serious kinds of crashes, 75% of people live. Being thrown out of the plane as it crashes?
Well now that really is unlucky. Unless you're Juliane Koepcke. The 17-year-old was the only
survivor of 93 passengers, including her mother, on board LANSA flight 508, which went down
in the Peruvian rainforest in December 1971. She was thrown from the plane more than three
kilometres up, crashing through the rainforest canopy more than two miles from the crash
still strapped to her seat, with an eye injury and a smashed collar bone. And as if that wasn't enough of an ordeal,
she then had to find rescue. Which was a nine. Day. Trek. nine
days following a stream through the rainforest battered and bloodied, with no food and infected
insect bites. She eventually found a small cabin with a boat, whose fuel she poured on
her wounds to flush out the maggots which had gathered, and waited for help to arrive.
How Juliane survived remains a mystery, but it's thought her seat was part of a row of three
which may have been wide enough to act as some form of parachute, slowing her fall
into the thick, cushioning rainforest canopy.
Clearly she wasn't too badly daunted by her rainforest ordeal, as she later became a zoologist
and the subject of a feature film and a documentary.
Yulia Shumakova
In 2009, Yulia Shumakova from the Russian city of Yekaterinburg, 24-year-old and 32
weeks pregnant, was rushed to hospital after collapsing at work. She was found to have
had a massive brain tumour seizure, which, doctors told her husband, would have killed
more than 95% of patients before they even reached the hospital,
But, with Yulia alive and barely conscious, Doctors had no option but to perform joint
brain surgery and C-section in a desperate attempt to save at least one of the couple.
Incredibly, though, both managed to survive the ordeal. Yulia's son was born two and a
half months early and weighed just two kilos. Remarkably, both mother and child made a full
recovery, Yulia meeting her son for the first time just two months after her operation.
Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571
Better known as the Andes flight disaster or the miracle of the Andes, though that's
maybe a little harsh on the ones who weren't so lucky. In October 1972, Flight 571, a charter
flight carrying a rugby team and their associates - 45 people in all - came down in the Andes.
The flight had descended on instruments into the clouds believing it was over a safe mountain
pass, but instead crashed into the side of a mountain, since named the Glacier of Tears.
The plane clipped one peak, the right wing and tail, another collision took
off the left wing and sent the propellor into the fuselage. The remainder of the plane then
slid down a steep mountain path before coming to rest in a snow bank. 12 people died in the initial crash,
with another five dying overnight. Many of those left had broken limbs, there
was little food and no-one had winter clothing or equipment. One more died of their injuries
and eight were killed in an avelanche which swept over the wreckage a few days later,
leaving just 16 alive.
Forced to survive by eating their dead friends and relatives, the survivors lasted an astonishing
72 days in the wilderness. After just 11 days, they learned by listening to the
radio that the search for them was being called off. I don't know about you but I can't think
of anything more terrifying. The survivors tried in vain to operate the plane's outgoing radio using batteries in the tail.
They even tried to write SOS in lipstick on the roof of the fuselage,
but all to no avail.
Despite unknowingly being only 18 miles from an abandoned hotel that would have provided at least some shelter and warmth,
the susrivors endured altitude sickness, injury and forced
cannibalism for well over two months.
They were only rescued after two of the passengers, Nando Parrado and Roberto Canessa, trekked
for ten days to help from a passing pack-train. The story has, unrurprisingly, sparked several
books, films and documentaries. And in October 2012, the survivors... Met for a rugby match.
Frane Selak
A little like the assault on Itter Schloss from our five wierdest battles of World War Two
video you can see here, and there's a link in the description too, this one NEEDS
to be a Hollywood film. This guy has survived death more times than you've had hot dinners.
Is he a war hero? No. Is he a super spy? No. Frane Selak is a music teacher, dubbed at once the
world's luckiest and unluckiest man.
Frane was born in 1929 in Croatia. His first brush with death came in 1962.
He was travelling on a train from Sarajevo to Dubrovnik which jumped the rails, plunging down a riverbank.
Seventeen people drowned in the disaster but he managed to get back to land with hypothermia and broken arm
Just one year later, on his first and only flight, the door burst open and he was thrown
from the plane which then crashed. Nineteen people died in the disaster. Frano? Well he landed in a haystack.
In 1966, the bus he was travelling on skidded into a river killing four people.
In 1970 his car caught fire and exploded on a motorway. He lept clear with moments to spare.
In 1973 the fuel pump in his car failed and sprayed flaming petrol out of the air
vents, burning off most of his hair.
In 1996, He was knocked down by a bus in Zagreb. In 1996 a narrow miss with a UN truck in the
mountains saw his car crash through a cliff barrier and plummet down a 300ft ravine in
a ball of flame. Once again, he lept clear.
Then in 2003 he won the lottery. With his first ever ticket. And in 2010, just gave it all the way.
He's also had five wives, because, you know, why do anything in life by halves?
There are several lessons to be learned from Frane's example. One, never buy second hand cars in Croatia.
Two, never, EVER, EVER get onto any form of transport with Frane Selak.
Unless you got a lottery scratchcard in your pocket.
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Five people who should be dead but aren't - This is Genius

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