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  • Activate swords and shields.

  • The swords arm the main guns.

  • Shields trigger the napalm, oil and smoke.

  • l know. l've seen this race before.

  • You think you know. It takes the weight of the entire car.

  • You have to make contact with all four tires simultaneously.

  • Anything else l'm missing?

  • Don't get me started.

  • Activate death heads.

  • Death heads activated.

  • Feel it, baby!

  • (LAUGHS)


  • Score another one for the Reaper, baby.

  • Thank you.

  • Don't mention it. Come on. All clear.

  • Fuck you, puto! Fuck you!

  • We got guns.

  • Look out. Oil.

  • (WHOOPS)

  • Damn!

  • Your mother's a puta, motherfucker!

  • What the fuck?


  • We got to get back in the race.

Activate swords and shields.

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Death Race (3/11) Movie CLIP - Jensen's First Race (2008) HD

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