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Hey look!
I can spin around!
Don't hoard cat food!
Star Wars typhoon!
You can joke all night
But no no kung fu!
No more cartoons
No more kung fu
No no kung fu!
They crushed his cape!
They crushed his fuzzy cape!
Is this the party?
Pretty hilarious
I punched a high school kid in the knee.
Whoa dude, there's a rat over there
Dude, did you hear what I said? There's a — [There's a rat over there?]
Yeah, and now they're in our — [they're in our van.]
"Okay, you don't gotta step on us"
Said the birds
What are some things that could gross you out?
Umm, old folks' allergies
That could sure do it
Or just having somebody yucky like you
Umm, denim golf jeans
Voldemort, yes I said Voldemort
Doo-dads that scratch the wood
Like, scratchy things, you know?
I should build a little house.
A pretty pretty morning!
Wrist nub, wrist nub
The ocean dried up
It dried up?
Dried up.
A friend? Never.
They hit my bones down there!
Wow, you smell good
What is that, pine?
Not Timmy!
I can't help it!
I just now sat on gum!
This is not a toy!
I found a girlfriend for the latin kid
What would you do if you went to Transylvania?
Kill Dracula at once, that's what I would do immediately
I'm a nervous wreck
Where's that owl?
Blending in?
What do you look like in your dreams?
Got a big afro and stuff
A wooden leg and a weird eye
I wonder if there's a rodent out there
Could you tell us a little about your time as a secret agent
They hid me in Great Britain
And uh
I didn't want to shoot the Russian guy pretending to be me, 'cause
He had a kitty cat
Shortly I came across a wooden stick
I brought the golden staff to the village
Ooh, I like that girl up there
Wearing my glasses I look like another man
I will sing for you when you have begged me
And you WILL beg me
Mace Windu?!
A baby's a little man
A chair is somewhere to sit
Hey, I just met Gramps and he's driving us all out to the dirt bike trails
And you can't ride
The ghost is near.
Wait, what did he just…
I'm crying inside of me
A half and a half ain't an apple
Eddie, I need you to cut my hair!
Aunt Sharon got out again!
Wait, Reggie?
Reggie, Reggie Redfoot
I would not want to have a rap battle with Uncle Jimmy
I mean, that guy can fli-zow
Eating a bunch of musket balls
I'm gonna rest, 'cause I'm the best
My neighbor just had a cat party
I'll make a tri-legged Minotaur
and we can go punch out those guys and face our phobia
Be like back in Woodshop
I don't like you
I lick my sticky finger
Dragons are not true
Why did I get this tattoo of a mustache?
I'm loving someone, and it's you
Never lease a cat
If you don't have a spoon, then drink your grease
Hey Jessica, don't call me
You have to feed me horse eggs
I don't wanna simmer down
The hobo theater's different
It's quite hilarious to visit puppets
I meet grannies all the time
I love toast, hurry up
Hey wow, it's a cat fight
Am I gracious?
Hello little piggy
Buy a toaster
You'll probably use it
Hey Taylor Swift
You wanna wrestle?
Dance on!
Hey, dance everyone!
Those moves are super fly
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"MORE NFL" — A Bad Lip Reading of The NFL

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aa published on November 14, 2014
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