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  • Imagine this:

  • a group of friends decide to organize a day out.

  • Katie's excited because she thinks a day at a folk festival would be perfect.

  • Sam is excited because he sees everyone heading out of town for a long peaceful

  • bush walk.

  • Sue is excited because she imagines the group visiting the snowfields

  • and having their first ever ski lesson. The group arranges a meeting time

  • a place then get busy with their own lives.

  • On the appointed day the three friends meet, pile into the car and set off.

  • As time passes Sam becomes grumpy because the group keeps driving past

  • all of the exits to the best bush walks. He wonders why he has his hiking boots on.

  • A bit later Sue becomes grumpy because Katie is turned off the highway

  • away from the snowfields and Sue is regretting putting her thermals on this

  • morning.

  • She wonders why she has been working so hard on her quads at the gym.

  • An hour later Katie pulls the car over and lets her friends know that she is

  • lost.

  • By the end of the day none the friends have achieved their goal.

  • What if the three friends approached their day out differently.

  • Katie, Sam and Sue get together to talk about what they would like to do.

  • They decide on a common outcome for the day, plan what each will need to do to get

  • ready

  • and what the group will do together to make sure the day out

  • is a big success. As the weeks go past the group talks often to make sure

  • everyone is moving towards being able to participate in the daytrip.

  • Katie gets used to using contact lenses.

  • Sam buys a new wetsuit and Sue speaks about working on her swimming

  • skills.

  • The group also plans what they will need to take,

  • book to surf school and organise how they will get to the beach.

  • On the nominated date the three friends meet,

  • pile into the car and set off. They reach the beach in time for their lesson

  • and have a terrific day together. Backward design

  • is like the second scenario. Teachers start unit planning with the end in mind.

  • They consider the outcomes of a unit of work before mapping out how each

  • individual student

  • and therefore the entire class will get there. This way the learning and teaching

  • in the classroom

  • gives every student the opportunity of reaching the final destination.

Imagine this:

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What is backward design?

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