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  • [Man] Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to...

  • the Biff Tannen Museum.

  • Dedicated to Hill Valley's number-one citizen...

  • and America's greatest living folk hero.

  • The one and only Biff Tannen.

  • Of course we've all heard the legend, but who is the man?

  • Inside you will learn how Biff Tannen...

  • became one of the richest and most powerful men in America.

  • Learn the amazing history of the Tannen family,

  • starting with his great-grandfather,

  • Buford "Mad Dog" Tannen, fastest gun in the west.

  • See Biff's humble beginnings and how a trip to the racetrack on his 21 st birthday...

  • made him a millionaire overnight.

  • Share in the excitement of a fabulous winning streak...

  • that earned him the nickname, "The Luckiest Man on Earth."

  • Learn how Biff parlayed that lucky winning streak...

  • into the vast empire called Biffco.

  • Discover how, in 1979,

  • Biff successfully lobbied to legalize gambling...

  • and turned Hill Valley's dilapidated courthouse...

  • into a beautiful casino hotel.

  • [Biff's Voice] I just wanna say one thing.

  • God bless America.

  • [Man] Meet the women who shared in his passion...

  • as he searched for true love.

  • And relive Biff's happiest moment, as in 1973,

  • he realized his lifelong romantic dream...

  • by marrying his high school sweetheart, Lorraine Baines McFly.

  • Third time's a charm.

  • [Yelling]

  • No! No! Hey, you're coming with us upstairs.

  • Let me go. Sonny, we can do this the easy way or the hard way.

  • [Man] The easy way.

[Man] Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to...

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