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  • For you, as an actor, what's it like getting your Grim on?

  • She's strong, she's smart, she's edgy, she's contained -- she's great at her job. She's

  • the person who is giving the technical data to the people that are out on the field. It's

  • awesome -- it's awesome to play this amazingly strong woman.

  • With Grim and Sam, there's a pretty detailed history, but talk to me about the relationship

  • specifically in Blacklist, how Sam and Grim get along, or maybe don't.

  • In a way, I feel like Grim is kind of a goody-goody. Sam, you know, doesn't necessarily play by

  • the same rules. And of course, that's where you're going to butt heads. Sam and Grim go

  • back, you know, over 10 years, so the history is - as you know - very convoluted. I think

  • that there is a definite mutual respect. I know that Sam is darn good at what he does.

  • I also know that there are logistical ways to do things that make sense. To me, I'm very

  • analytical: it's no, this plus this equals this. This is what we've been instructed to

  • do, so therefore we must do this. This is the highest risk, so no, we shouldn't do that,

  • we should do this. And Sam seems to operate more from an instinctual place.

  • You give the signal, my contact departs the safehouse, it'll be a clear run at Kobin.

  • It always looks easy on the screen, Grim. To be clear, Sam, we are talking about an

  • extraction -- not killing him. Grim has that real little-sister scrappiness

  • that -- no, I'm going to be heard, and this is what it is. Now that comes out in full

  • force a lot with Charlie. She doesn't think she needs him, she doesn't think that Fourth

  • Echelon needs him. Charlie operates very much from his heart -- he kind of isn't quite as

  • familiar with this kind of environment as the rest of the team, so there's that sort

  • of mothering thing going on. You know, it's: "Charlie, no -- get to work, go, stop thinking,

  • stop feeling, go and get your job done." With Briggs, there's just a basic mutual respect.

  • You know -- I've got his back, I know he's got my back.

  • Don't pat yourself on the back, Charlie -- we got lucky. He slapped together a mission based

  • on hunches. Right! That's why we won't waste time playing

  • defense. We have another option?

  • This is - I would imagine - pretty surreal of an experience. Talk to me about the theatrics

  • of being in a game of this extent. The first time I walked into the volume, I

  • was quite intimidated because these really big things are happening: high stakes, lives

  • at risk, people you care about are in danger and you're on this mission to sort of save

  • the world, and yet there's nothing here except you and your fellow actors. You become completely

  • unaware that there's 80 mo-cap cameras that are following every move that you make. Playing

  • Grim has been the highlight of my career.

For you, as an actor, what's it like getting your Grim on?

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