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  • Rejoice, 3DS owners! Because about a week from now, the biggest third-party 3DS game

  • to date will finally arrive on your fancy little handheld. It’s an all-new game in

  • a legendary series, it’s a 3DS exclusive and best of all, you can play it right now.

  • That’s right, Undertoads. The highly anticipated Resident Evil: Revelations has a free demo

  • available in the eShop on the Nintendo 3DS, and that’s what were playing here. Well

  • have our full review of Resident Evil: Revelations in about a week, but until then, we wanted

  • to share our thoughts on the game’s abbreviated form.

  • It’s the demo of Resident Evil: Revelations. And holy crap, what a first impression.

  • The demo picks up with Jill Valentine waking up in a strange yet familiar place. She takes

  • a quick transmission explaining her situation, and then, the game really begins. She finds

  • the door exiting the room is locked, so she explores the bathroom to find a tool to open

  • it. Meanwhile, she hears a thud back in the room. This is awesome.

  • The first thing you notice is that the demo is really intended to showcase the core philosophy

  • that Capcom insists has fueled the design of Revelations. It plays like a modern Resident

  • Evil, in terms of its controls and mechanics. But the atmosphere, however...that’s totally

  • old-school Resident Evil. And the demo does a great job showcasing that approach.

  • It’s a really unique kind of design synergy, in that it brings together the franchise’s

  • present and past in a way that elevates both. And to start with the past, this demo is really

  • creepy. The action-heavy, hardly even vaguely scary feel of Resident Evil 5 is nowhere to

  • be found in the Revelations demo. Terrifying beings approach you in a strange, jittery

  • stride, your ammunitions are at least relatively low and the music amplifies the tension.

  • And if youre a Resident Evil purist, youre going to love it.

  • A big part of that creepiness comes from the graphics. Bar none, this demo has the most

  • impressive graphics to date on the 3DS. Your surroundings are incredibly rich in detail,

  • and theyre brought to life by visual effects that are just amazing for a portable system.

  • This foggy room, in particular, is stunning...and it makes you even more cautious and paranoid.

  • You never know what’s crawling right at your feet.

  • So the game is creepy, the graphics are incredible, but how the does demo actually play? Well

  • that’s where modern Resident Evil comes in. If youve played Resident Evil 4 or

  • 5, youll be right at home in Revelations. The demo plays with that same third-person,

  • over-the-shoulder view youre familiar with, and it also includes the option to shoot from

  • a first-person perspective once you draw your weapon. It felt like playing Resident Evil

  • 4, had the game been set in the mansion from the original. Not a bad thing at all.

  • Another interesting note from the demo is that Revelations will have a scanner, much

  • like the scan visor from Metroid Prime. Using this uncovers hidden items in each room, and

  • since ammunition was definitely less abundant in the demo than in modern games in the series,

  • the ability to find extra items seems like a really nice touch for newer fans.

  • You can only play the demo 30 times before it self-destructs, but fortunately, the actual

  • game is just a week away. And if the demo is any indication, it could really be something

  • special. So stay tuned for our review of Resident Evil: Revelations coming soon, and be sure

  • to give the demo a test run.

  • Now if youll excuse me, I have to go change my underwear.

Rejoice, 3DS owners! Because about a week from now, the biggest third-party 3DS game

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