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  • In conclusion, I would like to point out that it is time for a revolutionary

  • new look in prime time variety television, and the combination of the Muppets

  • and George Schlatter can bring this to the world.

  • [Patriotic music] Yes.

  • For over 20 years, Jim Henson here,

  • and the dedicated group of people that make up the muppets,

  • have been developing the art of television puppetry to heights that were

  • never before considered possible.

  • And, at the same time, George Schlatter here,

  • has been developing and creating new forms in television comedy

  • that have changed the very face of prime time television.

  • From the same creative minds that brought you Ralph, the Jimmy Deans show,

  • Laugh-In, Sesame Street, the Cher Show, Turn-On - What? Oh. Anyhow.

  • These two giants of the industry have fused their creative juices

  • into one great explosion of brilliant television programming.

  • And what is this fusion of creative juices called? The Muppet Show!

  • A show that will be over and adored by every Nielsen home in the country!

  • Small children will love the cute cuddly characters!

  • Young people, will love the fresh and innovative comedy!

  • College kids and intellectual egg heads will love the underlying symbolism of everything!

  • Freaky long haired dirty cynical hippies will love our freaky long haired

  • dirty cynical muppets! Because that is what show business is all about!

  • Yes and when this show hits, the careers of the men who made

  • the decision to put this show on the air will skyrocket!

  • People like Bob Wood, Lee Currlin, Perry Lafferty, Oscar Katz and even Tom Swafford

  • will become stars in their own right!

  • The names of these men will become household words, like stall sink toilet..

  • No, no! Like Patriotism, Apple Pie and Mother!

  • Friends, the United States of America NEEDS the Muppet Show!

  • And you should BUY THIS SHOW!

  • Now we're not pulling any punches here, I mean there's nothing subtle about this pitch.

  • So BUY this show, and put it on the air, coz we'll all be famous!

  • The Muppets will be famous! And CBS will be famous,

  • because we'll have a hit show on our hands! And we'll all get temperamental

  • and hard to work with but you won't care! Because we'll all make a lot of money!

  • And Schlatter and Henson will be happy! And you will be happy,

  • and Kermit's mother will be happy! And God will look down on us,

  • and smile on us and he will say, "Let them have a 40 share!"

  • [music]

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In conclusion, I would like to point out that it is time for a revolutionary

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