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In conclusion, I would like to point out that it is time for a revolutionary
new look in prime time variety television, and the combination of the Muppets
and George Schlatter can bring this to the world.
[Patriotic music] Yes.
For over 20 years, Jim Henson here,
and the dedicated group of people that make up the muppets,
have been developing the art of television puppetry to heights that were
never before considered possible.
And, at the same time, George Schlatter here,
has been developing and creating new forms in television comedy
that have changed the very face of prime time television.
From the same creative minds that brought you Ralph, the Jimmy Deans show,
Laugh-In, Sesame Street, the Cher Show, Turn-On - What? Oh. Anyhow.
These two giants of the industry have fused their creative juices
into one great explosion of brilliant television programming.
And what is this fusion of creative juices called? The Muppet Show!
A show that will be over and adored by every Nielsen home in the country!
Small children will love the cute cuddly characters!
Young people, will love the fresh and innovative comedy!
College kids and intellectual egg heads will love the underlying symbolism of everything!
Freaky long haired dirty cynical hippies will love our freaky long haired
dirty cynical muppets! Because that is what show business is all about!
Yes and when this show hits, the careers of the men who made
the decision to put this show on the air will skyrocket!
People like Bob Wood, Lee Currlin, Perry Lafferty, Oscar Katz and even Tom Swafford
will become stars in their own right!
The names of these men will become household words, like stall sink toilet..
No, no! Like Patriotism, Apple Pie and Mother!
Friends, the United States of America NEEDS the Muppet Show!
And you should BUY THIS SHOW!
Now we're not pulling any punches here, I mean there's nothing subtle about this pitch.
So BUY this show, and put it on the air, coz we'll all be famous!
The Muppets will be famous! And CBS will be famous,
because we'll have a hit show on our hands! And we'll all get temperamental
and hard to work with but you won't care! Because we'll all make a lot of money!
And Schlatter and Henson will be happy! And you will be happy,
and Kermit's mother will be happy! And God will look down on us,
and smile on us and he will say, "Let them have a 40 share!"
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Original Pitch of the Muppet Show for TV

1463 Folder Collection
Susy published on October 27, 2014
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