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Hello everybody and welcome to learning English TV 18
my name is Steve Ford and today we are going to learn a ton of vocabulary related to the words LAUGH and CRY
so let's go!
Ah, it seems just like yesterday! Yeah, I had just turned 18 and I went to the Dentist
I’m good hahaahhaha
Pulled out?
For crying out loud!
For crying out loud is an expression indignation!
So a week later I arrived for my wisdom teeth extraction
While I was going to be sitting in the dentist’s chair for the next two hours,
my dentist would be laughing all the way to the bank
So I went into a small white room with a dental assistant all dressed in white, my face turning white
with every question she asked I tried to laugh off the tension
yeah, I’m a hockey player. I’m no stranger to pain
No, not me!
So the assistant proceeded to inject a mix of valium and other drugs directly into my arm
then the assistant left the room and came back with something called: laughing gas!
yes gas, you inhale to not cry out in pain when the dentist is pulling out your teeth
no, I need more......
at that moment the dental surgeon enters the room
he seemed so serious, you know
I was laughing my friggin’ head off as he was about to pull 4 of my teeth out
Sorry Doctor, I’m not laughing at you, I'm laughing with you
So I sat down in that dentist chair and I swear to God that they turned on some soft music
you know like that corny elevator music ?
and I felt like a rocket
meanwhile the dentist did his drilling and extracting
and I could just remember trying to sing
suddenly me, a rocket that was somewhere far out in space, touched down to the earth
the surgery was over
My face was frozen and felt like someone had been digging in it for gold
I felt embarrassed, but there was no sense/use crying over spilt milk, regretting things that I had already done
No problem, I felt like a new man, thanked the dentist, his assistant and went home.
4 hours later, the drugs wore off and I cried out in pain
Well everyone, I hope you enjoyed my true story about when I had my wisdom teeth out
Going to the dentist for many is no laughing matter
I know! Hopefully my little story helped you laugh off any anxiety you might be feeling
After all as a great American Poet once wrote, “laugh and the world laughs with you, weep(cry) and you weep(cry) alone”
Oh God! Where’s that laughing gas?
Bye for now!
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Speak English phrasal verbs - Learning English TV 18 with Steve Ford

1025 Folder Collection
Susy published on October 22, 2014
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