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  • If his brother embodies video game heroism, Luigi embodies...well, originally, he was

  • the same body, with different colored sprites. That’s somewhat indicative of the career

  • poor Luigi Mario has had. I mean, come on, Luigi Mario? He can’t even sign a check

  • without being reminded of his brother. He may be famous, but...

  • Luigi has lived his entire player two.

  • So what, then, would you call this? Overdue? Surprising? Whatever you go with, be sure

  • to savor the moment. Because after three decades of playing second fiddle, the chartreuse chicken

  • himself is finally getting the spotlight. Luigi’s Mansion is back, only this’s

  • one of the best games on its system.

  • Take a bow, big guy.

  • least success hasn’t changed him.

  • It’s not that Luigi’s Mansion was a bad game. It’s just this one’s better. In

  • fact, it’s a lot better. All the criticisms people had about the original? Apparently,

  • Nintendo kept them in a shoe box all these years, because a decade later, theyve released

  • the game the first Luigi’s Mansion shouldve been.

  • Dark Moon picks up with a very familiar face. Professor E. Gadd, the lovably childlike paranormal

  • investigator, is in his lab doing...paranormal investigations. All the sudden, his friendly

  • ghost assistants become a bit less friendly. I mean, they walk through the wall. With no

  • time to stall, you call the...

  • Um. Well, that’s who you call.

  • I think the area where Dark Moon makes the most improvements over the original is presentation.

  • And it’s not just the aesthetics. I mean, the game’s absolutely gorgeous, the music

  • is amazing and sets the perfect mood. But the real the game’s personality.

  • Luigi is just so endearing. The way he reluctantly stumbles through the mansion, anxiously humming

  • along with the music, always cowering...

  • Luigi comes to life in a way no Nintendo character ever has...and that includes big brother.

  • As for the gameplay, well...Dark Moon makes improvements there, as well. Like the original,

  • this is really just an adventure game. It’s like Maniac Mansion, but with more direct

  • control and combat inspired by Ghostbusters. But what’s interesting is that...the game

  • has been streamlineduh, the controls are simpler and it’s split into levels this

  • time. But the game is also more complex. Luigi only has a flashlight and a vacuum cleaner...but

  • combined, it’s just stunning how much you can do with them.

  • And actually, this is a stunning game, period. Its puzzles are consistently clever, and its

  • five mansions are just teeming with secrets to uncover and treasures to find. This game

  • is bigger and more complex than the original, defined by an incredible attention to detail.

  • With every room, it gets more engrossing. With every pixel, it gets more beautiful.

  • With every one of Luigi’s mumbles and smile a little more.

  • Of course, it hasn’t always been smiles for Luigi. It’s been a decade since Nintendo

  • launched the GameCube not with a Mario game, but with Luigi’s Mansion. Which, in a perfectly

  • Luigi twist of fate, would release to average reviews and usher in Nintendo’s least successful

  • home console ever. You could call it a disappointment.

  • Luigi called it a Sunday.

  • He calls this redemption.

If his brother embodies video game heroism, Luigi embodies...well, originally, he was

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