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  • The procedure I'm having today in Los Angeles is silicone breast implants.

  • It's always a pleasure to see a new patient

  • because they've gone out of their way to find us.

  • I saw Monica and she came in interested in a Los Angeles breast augmentation procedure.

  • When I sat down with her one thing that was important to her was that she look natural.

  • She wanted to gain some fullness in her breast area without looking too top-heavy.

  • What set Dr. Kapoor apart from other Los Angeles surgeons? He was very personable. He was very real.

  • Just really nice. There wasn't a sales pitch. They're not just trying to bring money into the office.

  • They really cared about me and the decision that I'm making knowing that it

  • is a pretty big decision. I'm altering my body. It's going to be with me

  • for the rest of my life.

  • They were just very personal and I really respected that.

  • In terms of picking a good patient for breast augmentation surgery or making sure that they're a suitable

  • candidate. First and foremost

  • making sure that they don't have a host of medical problems. That overall

  • they're in general good health.

  • Specifically in Monica's case or in los angeles breast augmentation, one thing that's important

  • is that the patient has good skin quality as Monica does.

  • Make sure that they don't need a breast lift. That makes it a completely different procedure.

  • Most importantly is making sure that the patient has realistic expectations and goals.

  • I'm about to go into my breast augmentation surgery and I'm feeling very anxious and

  • nervous and very excited. I'm looking forward to the outcome and not looking forward to the

  • uncomfortableness for the first couple days.

  • I'm definitely feeling very excited.

  • Our goal here at Beverly Hills Cosmetic Plastic Surgery is to deliver the highest quality

  • cosmetic surgery is terms of invasive and non-invasive procedures.

  • What we're going to do is just go in with a cautery

  • and get down to the muscle and then get under the edge of the muscle

  • and develop that sub muscular plane. That will allow me to get the implant

  • underneath the muscle pretty easily. You can see some of the muscle there. See some of the

  • fibers of the pectoralis muscle.

  • She is currently about an A cup in size and her goal was to be a small C cup.

  • Her breast augmentation surgery went very smooth. We placed a three hundred fifty cc silicone implant

  • just below the muscle.

  • Monica has a really nice result from her surgery. Largely because she started with a really nice shape.

  • We just sat her up to make sure everything was even. They look great and I think she'll be really happy.

  • I am absolutely ecstatic about the results of my Los Angeles breast augmentation.

  • Coming to Dr. Kapoor was perfect. It was a great experience overall.

  • It was really comfortable. It was really easy.

  • Even when I was a little bit nervous right before surgery they were very comforting.

  • The office and the atmosphere here is just really friendly. So I just felt

  • at peace and at ease with the decision. I didn't really feel any nerves.

  • Or any doubts at all.

  • It's been five weeks since Monica's Los Angeles breast augmentation surgery.

  • I had a chance to see her today and she's doing great. Her scars appear to be healing beautifully.

  • Her silicone implants have settled into a good position.

  • We actually had a chance to get some photos today and I've encouraged her to

  • continue doing what she's doing.

  • There are no limitations on her activities and it looks like she can just go on

  • and enjoy her new body.

  • Everyone, even those who were very skeptical of my breast augmentation surgery, they loved it.

  • They look very natural, they fit my body.

  • I think I'm just a lot happier. I really like the results of everything.

  • Everyday it just makes me happy that I got them.

The procedure I'm having today in Los Angeles is silicone breast implants.

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My Los Angeles Breast Augmentation Before and After A to C Cup

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