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  • There you go. Hand them out.

  • There you go.

  • He was incredibly unflinching in his honesty. Jordan Belfort is

  • reflecting on a time period in his life where he was incredibly hedonistic and debaucherous

  • He gave in to every temptation possible and was motivated by greed and

  • when you're looking for a character to play that's

  • certainly one that explores the the darker nature of humanity

  • he wants something that reverberates as honest and

  • he was intricately a part of creating this character with me.

  • I got to research the real man and and spend a lot of time with them

  • so I wanted to do a film of this nature that was almost like

  • a modern-day fall of the Roman Empire

  • and what better place to do it than on Wall Street.

  • You will bring us two absolute martinis. You know how I like them, without ice.

  • And after exactly 7 and a half minutes you will bring the next two.

  • And then the next two, every five minutes,

  • till someone is going to fall of his chair.

  • I think I am fine with water, thanks.

  • It's his first day on Wall Street.

  • This was a a film where we we tried to pull no punches where we were trying to push the

  • envelope every day was very improvisational

  • and thematically we weren't doing a film that I think that

  • people we're going to rush to the theaters to

  • to be a part of, seeing as it's about Wall Street, but Marty was very specific in

  • saying 'Let's make this a satire, let's make this a dark comedy.

  • We should be on this journey with these people to understand the act,

  • the fun and the temptation that they had to to keep

  • pushing forward and so with that approach

  • you know everything was easy. You know.

  • We tried to give an accurate portrayal of these people as we possibly

  • could and I think we did.

  • You ordered the stupid sides. Tell him about that!

  • I was ordering sides. Sides? Sides worth $26.000?!

  • What kind? Can they cure cancer? Yes, they can.

  • And that's why they were that expensive. Shut up!

  • I hope they're entertained.

  • And ultimately I hope they see what we put into this movie that we tried to

  • really do something different. This is

  • not the type of film that gets financed very often

  • within the Hollywood studio system. So we really tried to push the boundaries every single day

  • and we didn't try to apologize for these

  • who these people were. But ultimately if they can reflect

  • a little bit on who these people were and equate it to

  • what's going on in the world today. Cause I can definitely say that I see

  • the attitude that these people have in this movie is

  • in direct correlation with everything that is wrong in the world today.

  • I mean it's this type of attitude that's destroying everything.

There you go. Hand them out.

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