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  • Hello, my name's SNES Man. Today, we're gonna talk about Super Mario Kart: the game that

  • pretty much jump-started the racing genre as a whole. But is it still a classic game?

  • Has it aged well? Let's take a look.

  • Ah . . . Mario Kart -- the game that shone light on my dismal childhood. Let's play one-player

  • mode in the grand prix. And let's get down to gaming. Mario Kart lets you choose between

  • eight characters from the Nintendo universe. Each plays slightly differently but for now

  • let's start with our main man, Mario. Let's see, we have three tournaments to choose from.

  • Let's pick the Mushroom Cup because it's the easiest one.

  • Count us down, Lakitu! And now, let's burn some rubber! Mario Kart blasts off with a

  • really fun, exhilarating start. Just hold down "B" and steer and you'll be racing ahead

  • of your foes in no time. Jeeze, the thrill of this game just makes me want to spout out

  • stupid racing clichés like, "Eat my dust!"

  • Mario Kart really controls well, too. "B" is the gas, the control pad works the steering,

  • but also, it uses "L" and "R" as jump buttons. Yes, you can jump in a racing game. It's a

  • really subtle move. Apparently, if you hold down the button you can do a "power slide"

  • like in the new games but I never got the hang of it.

  • The jump is a feature that hasn't been in every Mario Kart since then. "Double Dash"

  • for instance didn't have that feature but it did have the "power slide". Now, a thing

  • that I really wish they had kept in more of the games is the coins.

  • In this original version of Mario Kart, there are coins scattered around every level. The

  • more of them you collect, the faster your character can go. This is a cool feature and

  • it adds an extra challenge to the levels. It's kind of a shame that they didn't include

  • this in some of the newer games.

  • Luckily, there's one thing that the series really stuck to hard-core. That's using the

  • items. Super Mario Kart came out with a lot of creative items and this kind of thing hadn't

  • been seen in racing games before at all. You've got the banana peel that slips up other racers,

  • the zigzagging green shell, the homing red shell, the star, and couple other items, all

  • of varying usefulness.

  • It has a kind of interesting item system. The worse off you're doing, like say last

  • place, the better the item you'll get. This is a cool system because it helps players

  • that are doing bad to have a chance of winning. But they didn't overdo it in this game. If

  • you're first place, you still have a good chance of keeping your lead.

  • Now for the newer Mario Karts, I can't exactly say the same thing. Blue Shell!

  • But of course, the original Mario Kart has its own fair share of frustrations. My main

  • gripe is that the computers can cheat. They have some moves you don't have. Like Peach

  • can throw poisonous toadstools and D.K. Junior's got those stupid banana peels. It's not laughing

  • matter to be tripped up by a freaking ape! It's humiliating!

  • Was it really necessary to give your enemies super powers? Isn't this game hard enough?

  • It can be pretty challenging when you first play it. Now, I wouldn't say it's as hard

  • as the newer Mario Kart games because it's very simple. But it's still a challenge to

  • unlock the last cup. And that's the one you want to unlock because it has all the cool

  • levels like Rainbow Road.

  • But that's not so say the other levels aren't a ton of fun, too. You've got fast paced racetracks,

  • spine-chilling ghost houses, Bowser's castle, a snowy place, and a beach. The tracks are

  • all very interesting and fun to play through. In fact, the design is so good that they repeat

  • these same levels in lots of the new Mario kart games. If you can still entertain kids

  • today with the same stuff you pumped out in the early '90's, then that shows you've got

  • a classic on your hands.

  • It was also really innovative for racing games in general. True, F-Zero came out first with

  • its cool 3-D graphics but it just didn't have the same spirit as Mario Kart. Mario Kart

  • brought in all items, battle mode, and all kinds of features that racing games had never

  • seen before.

  • For instance, it put a huge on characters for once. Choosing a character is a big part

  • of the strategy in this game. Each one of them controls subtly differently. You've got

  • Mario and Luigi who are well-rounded, Yoshi and Peach who are a little less stable but

  • have good acceleration, and you've got some pipsqueaks like Toad who have great acceleration,

  • and the heavy weights like Bowser who take a long to time to build up speed but can get

  • really fast.

  • This adds a lot to the replay value. You can just keep on playing and trying out new characters

  • and it's a blast. Super Mario Kart's gameplay has actually aged well. And the game overall

  • has aged well. Just look at the graphics. Pretty spiffy, eh? Well they're no 3-D masterpiece

  • but they sure look smooth and nice, even today. The colors are all vibrant, the scaling is

  • smooth, and you get a good sense of the speed. And the music rocks.

  • That music just puts me in a good mood. Another thing that I like about the game is the multiplayer.

  • In this era, there weren't a lot of racing games where you could actually challenge you're

  • friends. Like, look at F-Zero. That didn't even have a two-player mode but Mario Kart

  • -- awesome two-player mode.

  • Not only could you race each other and compete for the first-place cup, but you could also

  • fight each other with Battle Mode where you use items as weapons. This is a great mode

  • and I still love it to this day.

  • -Get rid of computer cheating.

  • -Add more level types, not just variations of pre-existing levels.

  • -And finally, put in more situations where the jump is useful.

  • These are really minor complaints, though. Mario Kart was a real turning point for racing

  • games and a truly brilliant classic. On my scale, Super Mario Kart scores a nine out

  • of ten.

  • So that's Mario Kart: a classic game and if you haven't played it, I really suggest it,

  • racing fan, Mario Kart fan, or not. It's just a blast to play and it's cool to see where

  • the roots of the racing genre really started. So, until next time, I salute you! This has

  • been SNES Man.

Hello, my name's SNES Man. Today, we're gonna talk about Super Mario Kart: the game that

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