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"Medini @ Iskandar Malaysia"
A Vision arises from the Epicenter of
East and West. Set in the fastest growing region
of the equator. A New Investment Hub
of Asia and a future metropolis, we present to you
An Iconic Development unlike any others!
Set within Johor's Dynamic Development
Iskandar Malaysia bordering Singapore and close to International
Airport, Strategically located in the hub of Nusajaya
Medini Iskandar is right next to the second link
expressway, 15 mins from Singapore. Vital Arteries complete the loop
with the new Coastal Highway. Medini Iskandar
is close to Columbia Asia Hospital, Horizon Hills
Edu City
Kota Iskandar Johor's newest Administrative Centre, Puteri Harbour
One Medini Residential Development
Tri-star Residential Development, Primary Trust School
Medini Square, Medini Residences
Office Towers, two sheet Residential Precincts nearby
Medical Facilities and
A Contemporary Hotel, this distinctive enclave is served by world-class
Facilities and infrastructure.
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Creating New Pathways and large Green Plantations
By July 2009, Construction was
underway along with the new Coastal Highway.
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Transforming the Horizon as the Lifestyle Mall takes shape.
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"LEGO Land Malaysia"
Asia First LEGO Land
Next to Lifestyle Mall
and Theme Park Hotel.
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A New Landmark set to arrive
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Visit www.HotPropertyNewLaunch.com
By the end of 2013,
These Exciting Developments will create
Economic Growth.
"Mendini Iskandar" will be an
enviable new Benchmark in Lifestyle Development
The Lifestyle Mall provides the Local
and International array of Shops and Entertainment Outlets
Set within wide walkways and large Lush Landscape
The Mall offers a new Lifestyle Shopping Experience
to all who venture in
Be spoiled for choices should you wish to entertain business clients
at any of these Afresco Dining Outlets
Chilled out one sipping a chilled Mocca
shops a vibrant and specialities shops
and Concept Stores, or dine in at anyone of the many themed Restaurants
they offered good value and wholesome entertainment
Rising above the Horizon.
the Office Towers, along with the Theme Park Hotel
and fun-filled LEGO Land are seamlessly
integrated into the retail precinct that offers
exciting lifestyles and leisure activities
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This integrated development cleverly combines Business
with Leisure within a Treasure Trove of
Sight and Sounds for everyone to enjoy.
Located next to the Hotels and Service Residences
With 750,000 square feet
of Gross Floor Area, the Modern Office Towers are
set to become an Iconic Landmark that offers
premier address for Global Business.
State of the Art Facilities create
an ideal venue for World-Class Events between
East-West Trade Group and Asia's burgeoning
Economies. The Grand Lobby welcomes visitors
with its spectacular and voluminous space.
Unique Glass Ceilings aid the interior with natural light.
The Architecture is Simple but Modern
with a Universal Appeal.
Through glass doors you will arrive
and be inspired by the opulent view.
The Glass Walls draw the outdoors into the interior space.
The Angle of the Tower is positioned
to minimize cross feeling. Its occupants are treated
with stunning an Uninterrupted Views of the Landscaped
Theme Park and Lush Gardens.
This is the world that embraces you at Medini Iskandar.
A Lifestyle Experience
that enhances your creativity.
Sat in an Investment Friendly and Green Environment
It offers a Competitive Edge to the wise
Investors, a Model for Smart
Sustainable Growth, 3 Years to come
This is "Medini @ Iskandar Malaysia".
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Medini at Iskandar Malaysia

1448 Folder Collection
Harvey Lee published on October 20, 2014
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