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- [Voiceover] Your mind is one of many.
(calm music)
- Hello Agents.
I'm Susanna Moyer
and this is The Ingress Report.
On Saturday Agents around the world
collided in an intense contest
to control the Helios Anomalies.
The first was in Taipei
with Satellites in Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur.
The second was in Chicago
with Satellites in Richmond and Galveston.
With a tremendous turnout of more than 1,000
Agents in both Taipei and Hong Kong
and over 800 in Chicago,
this was the largest ever single day
of Ingress Anomalies.
(upbeat music)
- [Voiceover] (speaking in another language)
- There are about 800 to 900 people
in my Ingress circle.
(upbeat music)
- [Voiceover] (speaking in another language)
- This year I'm sure we will do much better.
- [Susanna] The Anomalies were marked with
ambitious strategy combined with tremendous efforts
on the ground.
(upbeat music)
- We're trying to maximize efficiency
in how we work, how we control,
and how we keep our team together.
- [Susanna] In Asia Enlightened Operation Matahari
blanketed portions of India, Sri Lanka,
South Korea, Vietnam, the Philippines,
Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia,
Taiwan, China, and Mauritius
in a series of Megafields.
- We made a massive Field covering Kuala Lumpur.
- The Operation, over two months in the planning,
was executed alongside the Asian Helios Anomalies
as part of the global Enlightened strategy.
The plan worked.
Despite a strong counter effort in Hong Kong ,
which the Resistance controlled 346 to 138,
the Enlightened claimed Kuala Lumpur 160 to 127.
And the Primary Site of Taipei 641 to 336.
- [Voiceover] (speaking in another language)
- I met a lot of people playing this game,
all of them telling you that this game
is very important
and if you don't come,
the Enlightened will lose.
So that gives me a strong determination
to defeat the Resistance.
- [Susanna] In addition, the Enlightened
control the Volatile Regional Cell of Manila
and Additional Cells Fukuoka and Coimbatore.
(upbeat music)
(crowd cheering)
- In Kuala Lumpur agent MYGZ was present
and witnessed the Anomaly first hand
on behalf of the Cross-Faction
investigative effort, Operation Essex,
and provided this footage.
(calm music)
- We had people who organized this very well
and planned this very well.
And the commitment of those who signed up
actually was fantastic,
so overall we are very satisfied
with the turn out,
at least on the Enlightened side.
But I could see it's the same for Resistance
because I can see that they have
a large turn out as well.
(upbeat music)
- Nine hours later in Chicago,
Richmond, and Galveston
agents invested heavily in Fielding efforts.
The most impressive of which was a 14 layer
Megafield over Galveston.
After the Chicago Resistance secured
Measurement 1, the Enlightened rallied
to take Measurement 2 by a lead
of just one.
- This is our third.
- I have two people from Colorado on my bike team today,
which I think is astounding.
We have a lot of people from Milwaukee, Indiana.
We've got people from all over the Midwest
who've come in to support the Enlightened today.
- [Susanna] When the dust settled,
the Enlightened emerged victorious.
They controlled four of six Regional Cells,
including the Volatile Cell of Brno
in the Czech Republic
as well as both Satellite Sites,
Richmond with 231 to 113
and Galveston with 248 to 139.
- [Voiceover] (mumbling)
- [Voiceover] I have three that are en route
to leave right now.
- Every corner of this broad vast expanse of space
has somebody with a phone and a battery pack
in their back pocket.
- The Resistance was really out numbered.
- They put up an amazing Field
and we weren't able to respond in time
to get it down before Measurement.
- It was a lot of our first dates...
- Yeah.
- When we were first beginning our relationship
we would Ingress together
and he got me into it.
- I get panic attacks in open spaces,
too many people around.
With Ingress it makes you think of something else
and then before you know it,
you're like miles away from home,
you're with a group of people
that you absolutely love,
and you're doing something that
you never thought you could.
- Chicago was captured by the Enlightened.
(crowd cheering)
- [Susanna] Completing their sweep of the day
the Enlightened control Chicago,
the primary center of the Anomaly,
with a hard-earned 684 to 550.
In Richmond there was a winner of a different kind
when agent Philistine11 proposed
to agent NSUNEB during the anomaly.
- Will you marry me?
- OK.
- [Susanna] She said, "Yes."
(crowd cheering)
The Enlightened hold a strong advantage
of 12 to four going into the next Helios anomalies,
which is centered in Prague,
with Satellites in Manchester and Rotterdam,
and in Detroit, with Satellites in Baltimore
and Indianapolis, on August 23rd.
The pressure is now on the Resistance.
Last week Agents rallied to protest
the actions of Dr. Devra Bogdanovich
who deployed a second iteration of her Portal Virus,
a next generation XM weapon of sorts.
Developed by the CDC,
it caused natural Portal decay
to increase to 25 percent per day,
causing a fully-Resonated portal
to break down to a neutral state
in just four days.
After showing examples of area Portals
agent MarkBoy81 made a solemn promise
to Dr. Bogdanovich.
- I will not allow your Virus
to eat one single resonator out here.
Do what you have to do.
I'm ready.
- [Susanna] Dr. Martin Schubert,
a respected XM researcher,
had predicted that a combined Global Mind Unit
level of one billion or higher
would be able to mitigate the effects of the Virus.
Although a series of impressive
and inspiring fielding operations were
under taken by both factions,
agents were unable to reach that target.
In Coimbatore, India the Bangalore and India
Enlightened groups built an 11 layered
series of megafields
controlling 39 million mind units.
While in Brazil Operation Green Cry of the West
by agents LeeDWeedy, Igitchi, and Madimbu
built a 15 layered 22.1 million Mind Unit
control area for the Resistance.
Following the end of Saturday's anomaly
Devra Bogdanovich released a statement
expressing her disappointment
that humanity had become quote,
"Deeply infected by Exotic Matter."
And vowed to continue her work
on a human administered XM inoculation
that would render humans immune
to the effects of XM.
As predicted, based on intel released
at the Anomalies in Dublin and San Diego
new XM Artifacts have begun to emerge.
Two appeared in the U.S,
one in Hawaii and one in California.
And three more surfaced in France,
Cyprus, and Sri Lanka respectively.
The Resistance target portal appeared in Spain
and the Enlightened Target Portal
appeared in Peru.
It looks as if Agents finally have an opportunity
to permanently destroy the Portal Virus.
Some however, including Enlightened artist Roland Jarvis,
believe the XM artifacts may contain more power
than we currently understand.
The implication is that interacting
with the Artifacts may cause
unintended consequences.
- [woman in black] Yes, of course.
In many ways.
Look, Helios has the power to change things.
And it will.
You know, perhaps not for the better.
That's why the Artifacts are so important to us.
40 Artifacts.
They will travel along links between Portals
Resonating at level seven or higher
on the hour.
They can be captured at various
special Target Portals that will appear
at locations around the world.
(loud traffic noise)
Yes, it is imperative that the Artifacts
do not fall into the wrong hands.
No look, it's because we do not understand
their power that makes them so important.
- [Susanna] Finally, in tech news,
the Ingress intel map has gained the ability
to redeem Passcodes.
These Passcodes can contain valuable XM
objects or medals for accomplishments,
such as attending an Anomaly.
They can be obtained in various ways,
including solving puzzles online,
participating in discussions on the
Niantic Project G Plus page,
and from other sources,
such as the reportedly XM enhanced Hint Water.
In addition, the latest version of the Ingress scanner,
version 1.58, enables iPhone agents
to scout new Portals,
allowing them to take part in the enrichment
of the global Portal network.
We'll be tracking the Helios Artifacts
and hope to have an extensive update
for you next week.
For The Ingress Report, I'm Susanna Moyer.
- [Voiceover] 40 chances to save the future.
(upbeat music)
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11055 Folder Collection
阿多賓 published on October 19, 2014
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