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  • Dragon Ball Z: Idainaru Dragon Ball Densetsu or as it’s more commonly known Stateside,

  • Dragon Ball Z: Legends, is the only DBZ game from the PS1 era that wasn’t published for

  • us English-speaking gamers. Which is really my favorite aspect because you know what’s

  • the best part about imports? Making your own subtitles.

  • No, but seriously; if youve ever seen the Z series or played one of the many games then

  • you know what youre in for as far as story goes; it’s the same olsame ol’. The

  • story mode has you fighting as various heroes throughout the Dragon ball Z series while

  • battling antagonists from Napa and Vageta to Freeza and Buu. But, since the game is

  • in Japanese the story isn’t really worth mentioning, either you already know it from

  • the show or youre going to need to be fluent in Japanese.

  • So, combat; that’s what matters. What separates Legends from most other Dragon

  • ball games is the group combat; it’s sort of like a tag team match but everyone is fighting

  • simultaneously whether youre directly controlling them or not. So, it’s the Battle Royale

  • of DBZ. The upside to this battle extravaganza is that it has a huge roster, from three different

  • Buus and Debora to Great Saiyaman and all of the androids; the downside is that they

  • all fight the exact same. Blocks, punch and kick barrages, small projectiles

  • and power-ups are the tools that every character uses to win battles. There are also three

  • major components to victory: the health bar, the Ki meter and the Power Balance at the

  • bottom of the screen. None of the charactershealth is reduced simply from being attacked,

  • the trick is that every combatant influences the Power Balance bar; if your team is winning

  • then youll tip the balance in your favor and one of your characters will go into a

  • special move which will then damage the targeted foe. This tug-of-war system really captures

  • the never-ending 20 episode struggle that Dragon ball is so accustomed to.

  • The combat does become repetitive since basically every character fights the same way; really

  • the only thing that differentiates them is their default handicap and a couple of unique

  • cut-scene attacks. But, it’s still fun to unlock the truckload of characters through

  • the story mode and a Dragon ball Z battle Royale with friends can be a blast.

Dragon Ball Z: Idainaru Dragon Ball Densetsu or as it’s more commonly known Stateside,

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