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This is Doctor Ron.
He works in the local hospital and he loves helping his patients get better.
Ron doesn’t have the time it would take to make sure every patient clearly understands every detail about their diagnosis,
treatment, medications, side effects, and all the stuff they need to know to get better.
Let’s face it; everyone wants more time with Dr. Ron.
And Dr. Ron wants to help everyone understand their care plan
because he knows they’re more likely to get worse and return for the same problem if they don’t.
Unfortunately, in spite of Dr. Ron’s best efforts
78% of all patients don’t understand their discharge instructions.
And those patients end up unhappy, unhealthy and they cost the hospital more time, resources, money and manpower.
Introducing Incendant.
A simple, yet elegantly effective solution to educate your patients
improve outcomes and raise customer satisfaction while reducing costs.
Incendant provides a 360 degree patient education solution.
With interactive educational videos for common patient needs.
Our videos include photos, illustrations and explanatory animations
to help your patient see, hear, and touch the information they need.
Our videos help patients with discharge instructions, medications, diagnostics, procedures and advance directives.
These interactive videos can be handed to your patient, and viewed at their own pace.
And if they can’t take it all in, they can watch it again.
Already understanding better, the patient also receives an email that easily links them to our web portal.
From there they can view their instructions again and even show their family.
Our growing list of videos covers most ER diagnoses and common procedures.
But if you need one we don’t already have, we will make it for you.
We want to take the weight off Dr. Ron’s shoulders, so he and other caring healthcare professionals like him
can concentrate on doing what they do best.
Helping patients and saving lives.
That’s called being a hero.
Better health, more time, less costs.
What more could you want?
Visit our website today to schedule a demonstration and read some of our amazing results.
Thanks for being patient.
Your solution has arrived.
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Incendant 360° Patient Education Suite

1465 Folder Collection
Peiyu Chuang published on October 17, 2014
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