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- Hey guys!
So, my aunt actually has a seven-story house.
Well, she has two basements and five floors, and so I'm
on the roof right now,
and you can get a pretty good view of Taipei.
So this is the view.
It's pretty cool.
(man chuckling)
My parents don't know that I'm coming.
You can actually see, way back there, the Taipei 101,
which is the tallest building in Taiwan.
So that's pretty cool.
It's kinda foggy today,
but hopefully I'll end up actually seeing it up close,
and then I'll take some video from there.
So anyway, I just wanted to show you guys a view.
(birds chirping)
Hey guys!
Right now I'm in Ximending, which is like a, I don't know,
it's like a shopping area for younger people, I guess.
I'm kind of still younger.
There's a bunch of shopping over here,
and we just had lunch at a Japanese place.
It's just a nice place to walk around
and sort of absorb some
of the Taiwanese shopping experience.
So yeah, kinda busy.
It was actually in The Amazing Race once,
which is kinda cool, so yeah.
Anyway, not a lot of point to this, but I wanted
to show you guys a little bit of the street.
Hi guys!
- Hi. - So we're at some name
of noodle house that I can't pronounce.
- A-zhong mian xian.
- Yeah, what she said.
- A-zhong mian xian.
- Yeah, it's actually like real Taiwanese noodle stuff.
It looks kinda gross, and there might be some intestine
in here somewhere.
But yeah, it's actually like authentically-tasting stuff,
it's not just McDonald's or Panda Express or whatever that,
all the other stuff that we've had on this trip.
So yeah, it's not bad.
(background noise)
And there's a lotta people eating here.
(background noise)
Yep, so we're still in the middle of this Ximending
shopping district thing for young people.
Hey guys! - Hi!
- So we're at the night market now.
It's another one of those Taiwanese... Ah!
Taiwanese culture things, and we just bought...
we just bought some dumplings, I guess.
And so my brother just fed me one, and it's pretty good.
But yeah, at night market, basically you just go
around; there's a lotta little shops and a lot of little, like--
- Street food.
- Yeah, street food, that's, that's, that's the word I was looking for.
So you just go around, you buy little things
from the street food things, like this one right here.
So you go around, you eat a bunch of stuff
and you go shopping.
It's a whole little marketplace here.
- Get some diarrhea.
- Um, yeah, so yeah, it's pretty fun.
Definitely part of the Taiwanese experience.
So yeah, good times.
Yeah, wow, that was actually a pretty good dumpling.
So, yep, gonna keep walking around, and yeah.
I don't know; pretty much,
our day has been shopping and eating,
so I guess there'll be more of that, uhm, to come.
(foreign language)
- So, what's going on here?
- Yeah, fried Oreo, fried banana, fried Snickers.
(rap music)
- So, as the true tourist that I am, the thing
that I picked outta the night market is deep-fried Snickers,
which is pretty much as American as you can get.
But anyway, it looked good, so I bought it.
So wrong, but so good.
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Taiwan 2014: Day 2 - The Night Market

5653 Folder Collection
Sandy Chen published on October 14, 2014
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