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  • Elon Musk is not too happy about Apple's debut partnership with ChatGPT.

  • The Tesla CEO threatened to ban Apple devices from his companies on Monday after the iPhone maker announced the partnership with OpenAI.

  • And in a series of posts on his social media platform X, Musk shared concerns about whether Apple and OpenAI will protect user information.

  • He called the software integration between the two companies an unacceptable security violation and said that Apple has no clue what's actually going on.

  • Interesting comments, Dave, because relatively speaking, I think many consumers would say that they do feel comfortable about their privacy protections with an Apple device versus other platforms.

  • Yeah, it would appear on the surface that, and I'm not claiming I am more intelligent than Elon Musk, that he doesn't understand that this A.I.

  • does not run on the actual operating system of Apple's.

  • I think he's worried about the security, potential security lapse there that doesn't sound like there was communication between the two.

  • You can't help but wonder, is he upset about the perhaps massive competition to X.A.I.

  • That partnership between Apple and OpenAI, maybe that's the real concern, but he at least couched it under security for information at his companies, primarily Tesla.

  • And I think today, with the stock price recovering from the losses yesterday, investors are also betting that even if Elon Musk does move forward with this, it wouldn't have a material impact on Apple, would likely affect a company, a startup, more than a large, one of the biggest companies out there.

  • Yeah, I will say on an individual level, when you read online, a lot of people had major privacy concerns when they saw these Apple intelligence features roll out.

  • But Tim Cook did speak to that throughout the presentation in sharing they are not going to be sharing your data and you would always be allowed to opt in or opt out.

  • As we move forward through A.I.

  • and the evolution, people are going to have to be increasingly wary of what that opt in, what that opt out means, specifically as related to chat GPT and anything related to OpenAI.

  • And Sam Altman, who is a key voice, a founder of chat GPT and OpenAI specifically, did say on The Hill just about a month ago that he wants to have those regulations in place that people could opt out of sharing their data if they do decide to use chat GPT.

  • Because one of the enhancements here is that this Apple intelligence would read through your emails, would write your emails, could even give you a transcript of a phone call that you just had.

  • Amazing features, but a little bit scary from a data privacy concern standpoint.

Elon Musk is not too happy about Apple's debut partnership with ChatGPT.

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