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What? You like my butt, what? You like my butt, what? You like my butt, what? You like my butt, what?
"I cannot believe this video has over 100 million views, it’s just a bunch of girls shaking their booty’s." "Well that’s exactly why it’s girls shaking their Big Booty’s, come on." That’s my point.
"That’s what all these songs and music videos are about these days." "That’s all guys wanna see."
I mean, not all guys – I personally would rather see a nice sweet innocent girl for a change than a girl who is acting like a stripper.
Well there’s never going to be because rappers don’t want to rap about that stuff. What you want in a girl is like the opposite of every rap song.
Well then, I guess that leaves us with no choice. We’ll just have to make our own rap song. With a turnip? Yeah, well, a beet, and dough and bread that was made from the dough.
Yeah, I still don’t get it. I thought you said we’re making a song? What does any of this have to do with big booties? I mean, I don’t – I don’t know – I just – I didn’t have a good segway into the music video so –
Hey, turnip that beet dough bread. Man, all these rappers be like: I want a bad chick. I want a big booty. I need none of that.
She covered up nice, with her skirt long J.C. Penny’s shoes, got them J’s on If you are my girl, you know what i’d do show you a bunch of kindness, and now respect you.
Beautiful and smart -send her my way don’t need no double d’s -i want straight A’s she a good girl i’ll be scoring slam dunk… Micheal Jackson
I’ll open your door till the day I die, take my jacket anytime tell me all your secrets and I’ll keep them locked down deep inside when you need a shoulder tissue, I got this I volunteer as tribute, Katniss
I wanna sit on the couch with you tonight 3 feet apart sipping diet sprite Till curfew we can watch full house All I really want’s, sweet wholesome gal. SWG, SWG, SWG Sweet Wholesome Gal. SWG, SWG, SWG Sweet Wholesome Gal.
And baby I Just gotta let you know when you smile like that, makes me wanna take you home, (take you home) (Take You Home) take you home, introduce you to my folks, (what up, dad?) and we can hold hands at the dinner table. LEGOS!
And I love to watch you back it up and drive it hands ten and two, buckled in, my girl surviving 5 under the speed limit, driving with both feet she be switching lanes but never miss a blink.
But she also got a dangerous side, you’ll come to see eyes closed, head bobbin’ when she’s on molly you know molly your bestie form down the street man I luv that girl, she also a S.W.G.
Oh baby we can shop the day away with coupons, so much we can save carry your bags till my back gives out all I really want’s, sweet wholesome gal
SWG, SWG, SWG Sweet Wholesome Gal.
Now let me see you skip (SKIP!) (SKIP!) Let me see you skip like hopscotch Now let me see you skip (SKIP! ….) Come on baby show me what you got
Two long years, but well worth the wait. After all this time, today’s the date have a first kiss when we say our vows Finally found myself a sweet wholesome gal. SWG, SWG, SWG Sweet Wholesome Gal.
Oh my god, what are you doing? What – what do you mean? Did you just try to kiss me? Yeah. (but) I don’t – (Maybe) I was wrong about you. You’re not wholesome at all. Eww.
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S.W.G. (Official Music Video)

5756 Folder Collection
金柏嘉 published on October 12, 2014    金柏嘉 translated    彭彥婷 reviewed
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