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Guys, you have never had sushi this good in your life.
I'm sorry
"Simon and Martina Come Visit Japan"
Ok so we're going for sushi
and not just any sushi
we looked for a recommendation from someone we know that
can recommend a favourite sushi restaurant
They're like, a hardcore foodie
and they've actually been to Jiro Sushi
which we've been told is not as good as this place
So we're really excited
This is supposedly the best sushi he has ever had in his life
and Martina's camera died, so we have to use the bug camera
I'm sorry, guys.
Ok, we're starting with octopus
It's lightly grilled
No soy sauce!
No soy sauce?
As it is.
As it is? Aaahh Ok.
Is it good? Mmhmm.
It's been seasoned a little bit too.
Guys, that was just about the best piece of octopus I've ever had in my life.
If octopus is always that delicious, I'm just gonna eat it right out of the water next time.
T-A-I. Tai.
This one day ageing time.
One day ageing time? Yes.
This right one: Only wasabi.
Left one: Wasabi and soy sauce.
So they're actually telling us how we're supposed to eat this, as we go.
I have no idea how I'm gonna go for regular sushi ever again.
I've been ruined.
I'm so ruined. Like, what am I going to do with my life now?
They've got like, a little glass case.
Yeah. Can you see it?
Japanese name 'sawara'. Spanish Mackarel.
I don't wanna eat your piece.
Oh I see how this is.
Oh my god. It's ok. Shh, it's ok.
This is some of the - like seriously, you haven't tried this yet - this is some of the smoothest, creamiest, butteriest -
Ok, just take it from me. No, I don't wanna listen to this.
No, keep on recording me -
Oh my god.
Do you not want to cry now?
This: grilled type, same fish.
Same fish?
This, only wasabi.
Only wasabi. Ok.
Mmmm. It's been warmed.
I could just eat a whole plate of that.
This is like, the smoothest, creamiest -
I don't like recording you, because I have to wait.
So this is sea urchin. I've never actually liked sea urchin
I'm really worried about this.
Ok, ready? Don't make fun of me, ok?
How do you feel right now?
It's lovely.
Oh, ok.
Inside is...wasabi.
Outside; very oily parts.
Fish on outside.
Very oily.
And inside?
Inside; outside.
This outside; with soy sauce.
As it is; yeah.
Very very oily, wasabi not spicy.
Oooh, ok.
How do you feel?
We, like, have the best life ever.
That is a LOT of wasabi.
And especially since it's ACTUAL wasabi; real.
This should be scaldingly, burning hot;
They said because it's so oily, it counteracts the spiciness.
Totally not spicy, right?
That is, like, some of the oiliest, juiciest fish I've ever had
But the wasabi cuts through it, like a lemon, almost
The wasabi is like a compliment to it rather than just like a "Imma burn you in your face" kinda taste - which is what I like, but
This is a whole new addition. Oh my god.
Oh my god guys.
I didn't even know there were parts of the fish that you could eat that were that fatty. Oh yeah.
So they actually make the wasabi
on a board made of shark skin.
I wonder if I could eat that straight. Like just take a bite.
Ready for this?
Oh my god.
What am I doing with myself?
Have you ever seen a piece of tuna sushi that shiny?
Is that delicious?
Oh my god.
Earlier on he put a split in it and I can see it's for bending
Yeah. Yeah.
This is amazing because he didn't actually put it on my plate
It's like a scallop, right? Like a really nice one
Very very soft tai
As is?
Oh, yeah.
They will tell you otherwise, I think.
Red-eyed sucker
You're not gonna like this one.
Har har har.
You always say that when you wanna eat my food
So this is 'chu toro'
This is - I've had chu toro before, it's one of the best pieces I've ever had.
I can't wait to see what it's like. I'm drooling.
Pang in the heart
This is like, a lifetime achievement about to be unlocked
I've never had 'o toro' before
I've only seen it talked about in anime before
O toro. This is it.
I have a question.
Serious one.
If I ate your piece, would you divorce me?
I'd be pretty upset
Ok, because
Oh my god.
Best piece of sushi I've ever had in my entire life.
This is uhh, eel with salt
This is eel with sauce
Tiger shrimp
Look at its shine
Ok I think I embarassed myself last time cos I might have cried in front of them
So this is a golden eye red snapper
He says it's very very oily so he put a lot of wasabi in the middle
and then on top, there's a wasabi and like a daikon radish
and then he put a little bit of soy sauce
and then he actually dripped some lime juice
and he counted the drips: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
This is... this is ART.
I'm so happy.
Oh my god.
We've been eating for 2 hours, almost.
Everything has been
I mean, EVERTHING has been delicious.
I didn't eat anything that I said, "Oh, I don't like it."
Everything was DELICIOUS.
We have one more course coming up
We actually told them that we were full and we wanna stop,
but then when we told him that we wanted to stop,
He looked so sad, and he's like, "Last one!"
So I think he's pulling out the big guns for this one
The last one.
He actually didn't put it on the board. He just gave it to us in our hands
It's VERY soft. Like, I can feel it falling apart
Ok. Go for it.
Oh, he gave it to me via hand as well
Very beautiful.
This is 'Purple Sea Urchin'
It is very soft
And there's a tiny wasabi hidden on the inside
No, Simon, no!
I died.
This is one of the best experiences of my life.
I am full.
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The Best Sushi in Japan

13961 Folder Collection
阿多賓 published on November 6, 2014    Yu-Chun Chang translated    Sally Hsu reviewed
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