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First of all in a pan I want a little extra virgin olive oil and I've got some lovely
mushrooms, put that on the heat. Over here I've got some chanterelle, I've
got some shitake, field mushrooms, some of those Chinese style, Japanese style onoki
mushrooms. I'm just going to break the mushrooms into the pan.
I've got that cooking with the oil on, I just want to very quickly just at the end here
finally slice some garlic, get it straight in there. Right, about now I want to add a
little bit of butter. it's had a couple of minutes in the pan. I've got some nice variegated
thyme here. So I'm just going to pick that off, then I absolutely want a pinch of salt
and pepper. I've got some spinach, I'm just going to rip
that in and you'd be amazed at how quickly that will cook and disappear and look in 40
seconds it's cooked down like that, the mushrooms are just about cooked there's no moisture
in the pan. And all I want to do is just get a spoon of my pizza sauce and just put two
over there like that and mix it through and then I'm just going to put that straight onto
the middle of the calzone like that. Lovely! And then what I need mozzarella here and here
and then all I'm going to do before it runs anywhere is pull the side over like that,
press it down, you pull it with that thumb pull it over with one, pull it over with that
one and then you know you get a nice, you basically seal the join and also it look s
bit pretty. Then when you get to the end you give it a good old press down like that and
that is your delicate little calzone. Over here I've got a big piece of granite I've
got from the stone masons and I think this is one of he biggest cheats and bonuses to
sort of making your pizzas realistic. I'm just going to put my calzone straight onto
here back into the oven. Look at that! Beautiful. And the thing I love
about this little mumma and he is beautiful in his own little way. Is he's very portable
and you can give them a little drizzle around these bits here, delish. There's your calzone.
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Easy Mushroom & Spinach Pizza Calzone Recipe | Jamie Oliver

2663 Folder Collection
Chihyu Lin published on October 11, 2014
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