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  • Should I peel carrots?

  • Peeling carrots is not necessary  from a nutritional standpoint,  

  • as the skin and just beneath it  contain valuable nutrients and fiber.

  • However, there are reasons why you  might choose to peel them. The skin  

  • can sometimes have a bitter taste  or be tough, which peeling removes.

  • Additionally, peeling can eliminate any residual  dirt or pesticides on non-organic carrots,  

  • even though washing them thoroughly can  also effectively reduce these residues.

  • If you prefer to keep the peel for its  nutritional benefits, scrubbing carrots  

  • well under running water with a brush is  a good practice to clean them thoroughly.

  • For organic carrots, washing  might be more appealing as  

  • they are grown with fewer chemical pesticides.

  • Ultimately, whether to peel carrots comes down  

  • to personal preference and  the intended use in recipes.

  • Eating them with the peel on  maximizes their nutritional value,  

  • while peeling can enhance texture  and remove any unwanted residues.

Should I peel carrots?

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