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  • Welcome to the world of Japanese Animation legends studio Ghibli,

  • a world filled with extraordinary characters, uncanny transformations and breathtaking fantasy landscapes where it seems anything can happen.

  • But what's truly magical about Ghibli and their films is when they're at their most every day.

  • Two girls are standing at a bus stop and a giant forest troll walks up beside them.

  • "My neighbor Totoro" might be director Hayao Miyazaki's most spellbinding and iconic adventure.

  • But what makes this scene so transcendent isn't Totoro himself.

  • It's his enthusiastic response to the rain.

  • Scenes like this crop up throughout Ghibli's films.

  • Moments where fantastical stories home in on mundane details to enthralling effect.

  • In the middle of an apocalyptic tsunami, a supernatural fish girl discovers a new favorite food.

  • And the combined hand drawn skill of Ghibli's animators turn honey tea into a thing of wonder.

  • In the world of Ghibli, food is magical and often lives alongside magic.

  • In "Kiki's delivery service", we're just as beguiled by the young witch's otherworldly powers as we are by the alchemy of baking.

  • And if your moving castle is powered by a domesticated fire spirit, well, why not enlist him to cook up the ultimate fried breakfast?

  • When we watch animation, we expect to see things that are out of the ordinary.

  • But Ghibli's unique gift is to infuse the ordinary with magical qualities.

  • Even that most boring of daily chores, cleaning, is given the Ghibli treatment from old Sophie, taking it upon herself to spruce up "Howl's Moving Castle", to Chihiro's enchanted bathhouse in "Spirited Away".

  • There is an awe-inspiring attention to detail and a sense of wonder in those details that makes these scenes so transporting.

  • The mysterious train tracks lead off into the horizon.

  • Majestic flying machines fill the sky.

  • The beguiling fantasy vistas of a Ghibli film are never that far from our own.

  • But what about Ghibli's real world films?

  • Often the opposite is true.

  • In the historical melodrama, The Wind Rises scenes are given a spark of stylized fantasy,

  • from the terrifying great canto earthquake which ripples across the landscape like a billowing bed sheet, to the chosen profession of our lead character Jiro.

  • Only in Ghibli films would the work of an airplane engineer be captured with such energy and magic.

  • To Hayao Miyazaki, in both fantasy and reality, airplanes are beautiful dreams.

  • In studio Ghibli's films, reality doesn't always require realism.

  • We see this in the painterly hyper-real countrysides of When Mani Was There and Only Yesterday,

  • where the character's emotions seem to be imbuing their very surroundings with a palpable irresistible charge.

  • Or in "Whisper of the Heart", a teen romance in which the landscape of suburban Tokyo is rendered with exquisite detail.

  • To our young lovers, even a sleepy commuter town brims with the promise of adventure.

  • And given the right place and right time of day, you can find magic wherever you are.

  • For over 35 years, Studio Ghibli's films have offered us spectacular visions without parallel.

  • But their greatest, most captivating achievement is that they make us look at the world around us with new eyes.

  • Welcome to the world of Studio Ghibli, a world where magic is only ever just around the corner.

Welcome to the world of Japanese Animation legends studio Ghibli,

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