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  • [wood creaking]

  • [crash and splat]

  • Jayfeather: God, I hate Mondays.

  • [upbeat piano theme music]

  • Rainstorm: I'm dying!

  • Please!

  • Thornclaw: Oh no! We gotta help him!

  • Let me go get something for him to hold onto...

  • AH!

  • Jayfeather: Get your dirty paws off my stick!

  • Rainstorm: Please... help... [dying noises]

  • Jayfeather: That is not my problem.

  • Jayfeather: Rock. Have you known about my mom this whole fucking time?!

  • Rock: HUuH?

  • How your mother was a whoOore?

  • Of course I knew.

  • [vine triggered noise]

  • Brightheart: I'm pregnant.

  • Jayfeather: I hope you miscarry.

  • [upbeat piano theme]

[wood creaking]

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