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  • SQUIRRELFLIGHT: What's wrong with me?


  • YELLOWFANG: You're going to have kittens, Squirrelflight!

  • SQUILF: Wait, what?

  • I thought you said I was barren!

  • YELLOWFANG: Not anymore, thanks to the POwEr oF sCieNcE!

  • SQUIRRELFLIGHT: Th-the what?

  • YELLOWFANG: Thanks to the latest in Starclan technology,

  • we have found a way to clone the perfect main characters.

  • "ALDERPAW", a perfect clone of you

  • and "SPARKPAW", a perfect clone of Firestar.

  • Alderpaw will be designed to be relatable and Sparkpaw designed to be perfect. Nothing could go wrong!

  • SQUIRRELFLIGHT: Wait a second. Maybe make one of them look a bit like Bramblestar?

  • It's just because we've had a few, uuh...

  • issues in the past.

  • YELLOWFANG: Oh, well don't worry about that!

  • We've got plenty of brown tabbies to clone! You could pick from:

  • Tigerstar,

  • Hawkfrost,

  • and...

  • Brokenstar!

  • SQUIIRRELFLIGHT: Oh, god. Uh, no, no, never mind. Just change the eye color for me.

  • [Beep]

  • Looking good~

SQUIRRELFLIGHT: What's wrong with me?

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